Thursday, May 26, 2011


PERSONALITY PROFILES (available through June 30, 2011)

Ever wanted your own PERSONAL HOROSCOPE, but didn't feel like paying $50-$100 for one? Well, here's your opportunity to get your PERSONAL horoscope, based on YOUR birth date, YOUR birth time, and YOUR birth place for FREE. No long-term commitments, no harassment, no follow-ups, no spam – nada, zip, zilch – just the horoscope.

And these horoscopes are LONG! You will receive approximately 20 PAGES of information about YOU and YOU ALONE! 

There's a catch, right? Well, if you call reading a catch, then yes. Because the way to get your FREE personal horoscope is by reading some blogs and/or articles.

Click any of the links below, read at least 10 blogs or articles (don't worry – they're not long – I have a short attention span), send me a one-sentence line about each blog or article you read, and you will get your free horoscope.

Where to send the information:

Send the 10 sentences to Include your first and last name (pseudonyms are perfectly acceptable), your birth date, your EXACT time of birth, and the city of your birth. I will return to you a horoscope that will be at least 20 pages long.

A word about your birth time: LOOK ON YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE – take my word for it, your mom can be as much as 20 minutes off and it will change the landscape of your horoscope.

Remember the rules:

Read 10 blogs or articles.
Write 10 sentences about each blog.
Email those 10 sentences to


Your full name (first and last)
Your birth date
The EXACT time of your birth
The city in which you were born

And that's it!

By the way, if you would prefer an astrological profile for your baby, I can create a chart that will tell you the personality traits that your baby was born to display. They're fun to read and in my experience are about 85% accurate!

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