Sunday, May 22, 2011

Well, It's The End of the World and I'm Still Here. Now What?

OK, I survived Y2K (and it took me so long to remember the order of those letters and number), and yesterday I, like nearly every other person on the planet, survived the next end of the world.

Now what? Should I prepare for December 21, 2012? I was not at all prepared for Y2K. I mean, I never went shopping for food, I didn't have a generator, and I didn't even have bottled water. You can't imagine my relief when I awoke the next day and realized I was still alive.

Another tragedy averted! PHEW!

But I should have guessed back then that another doomsayer would predict another end of the world. After all, doomsayers get so much attention for their predictions. I've been sick though, so when I discovered yesterday that yesterday was supposed to be the new end of the world, I had so little time to prepare. So I didn't.

I sat outside and waited all day for the gigantic earthquake that was supposed to shake the entire world. Morning went by. Nothing. Afternoon went by. Nothing. Evening went by. Nothing.

Would it occur while I was sleeping? Still I waited. And waited. And waited some more.

It reminded me of sitting by the phone as a teenager, waiting for a boy to call me on the phone. The wait was agonizing.

Still, yesterday I waited all day for the end of the world. And for what?

People keep promising the end of the world, and NOBODY delivers. And YET, those end-of-the-world doomsday maniacs get all kinds of press coverage and media attention.

So now I'm thinking (since I'm still alive) that maybe I could garner more blog readers if I make up an end-of-the-world date and skew some scientific data to support my prediction. I could then send my predictions to newspapers across the globe, contact radio and television stations, gather a following, and watch my blog numbers rise astronomically. It would be kind of like waiting by the phone again.

And then, when nothing happens, I, like other doomsayers whose predictions are WRONG, could make excuses for why nothing ever happened and create a new date in case the first prediction didn't provide me with enough followers.

Oh well.

Want to know what I really think about December 21, 2012? Click the link. Inside that article is a link to another article about December 21, 2012 (kind of like a surprise in a Cracker Jack box).

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