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Is One Family Member Reincarnated From Another Family Member?

Previously published as Reincarnated Relatives on February 4, 2013 HERE.

You've probably read stories of kids who recount in vivid detail lives lived prior to their current lives –€“ lives they couldn't possibly or reasonably know or understand. Maybe they hear voices or see visions nobody else hears or sees. They might talk to unseen individuals or refer to themselves by another name. And sometimes they talk about bedrooms they slept in that reside in homes their parents never knew existed.

Therapeutic regression hypnotists, psychics, and many Eastern religions believe that beyond this life –€“ and before this life –€“ we will live –€“ and have lived –€“ other lives. According to the theory of reincarnation, we choose various life experiences to progress our souls, though most of have no memory of our previous lives. Every once in a while, however, we hear something that causes us to wonder about the reality, as opposed to the theory, of reincarnation.

Years ago I read a story about a little girl who insisted that she had lived in a place other than her own home –€“ as another little girl with a different name. Never giving up her belief, her parents decided to investigate.

After getting permission from the owners of the house where the little girl insisted she had lived, the family entered the home and the minute the door opened, the little girl scurried up the stairs to "her" bedroom. The surprising factor was that the owners had lost a little girl several years prior to this meeting –€“ and her name was exactly the name this little girl insisted was hers. The child was familiar with the layout of the house; the bedroom the child entered was the bedroom that belonged to the little girl, and she recognized family members. 

As far as I know the two girls were not related. But a lot of psychics suggest a familial connection between reincarnated souls.

According to reincarnation theory, one soul dies, enters another state of being, and then is reborn into another body of the soul's choosing –€“ when the soul is ready to accept the new body. So why not choose a family member? 

A little boy named Sidney* has always called his stuffed animals Jackson*. He even calls himself Jackson when he plays various games. If you ask him why he likes the name Jackson, he will tell you he just does. Unbeknown to Sidney, long before Sidney was born, a cousin by the name of Jackson had been born.

Jackson led a troubled life. His father treated Jackson sadistically, and the father's consistent humiliation of Jackson caused Jackson to become one of those troubled individuals who others felt was destined for failure or a life of crime.

Jackson's mind warped under the pressure of his father's incessant cruel treatment. He was put on medication, but when he felt he no longer needed the medication, his mental aberrations kicked into gear. When Jackson became an adult, he killed a man for reasons that made sense to no one. And when the police finally found him, they ambushed the hotel room where he was staying and, after a showdown, killed him. Some family members considered the murder to be a mercy killing for the tortured soul, and they wondered how his father reacted to the death of the troubled son he created, but the father never showed any remorse.

Decades later Sidney was born. Sidney calls himself Jackson sometimes. Nothing about his appearance suggests any relation to his cousin. Where one had dark hair, the other has blonde. Where one was solidly built, the other is thin. Jackson had been a bright and cute kid who grew up to be a handsome man. Nobody would have thought he'd have turned out to be a murderer. 

Sidney is a cute kid too and both Sidney and Jackson are/were introspective, curious, and creative. If Sidney chose the man and woman he now refers to as his father and mother, he probably did so because he wanted an entirely different experience, and his chances of progressing his soul with a nurturing set of parents, instead of a sadistic father, should help him pave a different path.

Though these two people were both male, according to reincarnation theory, people don't always come back as the same sex they were in their previous lives. Souls want to experience life in ways that will advance their spiritual journey. Perhaps as we die, we examine the life we just lived, judge ourselves, and decide which lessons we need to learn. Who is to say we don't choose to come back on the anniversary of the death of another relative or treasured friend?

A man I know was born on the same date (decades later) that his great great aunt died. He bears some of her characteristics. She was always very prim and proper in her appearance and in her gait, and she was fastidious when it came to keeping her home in order. He walks straight and tall and takes great care of himself, his home, and his possessions.

He may have come back as a male to learn different lessons, and chose to be born into the family of the descendants he, as the great great aunt, once loved, but, like most people, if he truly was reincarnated as his great great aunt, he has no memory of his previous existence. Apparently, if reincarnation truly exists, some cosmic reason also exists to explain why no reincarnated soul remembers his previous existence.

Having written that, I must also relate that advances in parapsychology have caused some parapsychologists to believe that as our souls progress so too does our ability to remember our previous existences. Through regression therapy, we can tap into realms of universal knowledge. And in dreams we might find remnants of our former lives.

If the prediction that we use only 10% of our brain is true, might we possibly be storing previous lives in the other 90%, information we can access through dreams, meditation, or therapy?

Perhaps some day or maybe even as I write this, some paranormal research facility is investigating the theory that children born on the same date that relatives or friends died, might be the reincarnated souls of deceased ancestors who died on their birth date. The world seen and unseen, heard and unheard, is filled with limitless possibilities.

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