Friday, November 12, 2010

Why Does the Tarot Scare People?

I see mystical signs along the highway sometimes – hands holding crystal balls with backdrops of the sun, the moon, and the stars. The signs let passersby know that inside the establishment behind the signs sits an entity ready to pull out Tarot cards, meditate upon a crystal ball, read tea leaves, or utilize any number of prophetic devices, and tell you your future.

The intrigue is enough to draw your attention, but do you really believe that cards hold the answers for you? Some people do. And I say, why not? If everything holds energy, what's to say that if you ask the Universe or God for answers to questions that have been plaguing you, and you want answers revealed to you through dreams or through the Tarot, why wouldn't you get an answer? And if the answer you receive helps you, what is the problem?

I wrote, Learning the Mysteries of the Tarot, because I wanted to explain the mysterious aspect of Tarot. One person, who was apparently disturbed by the fact that I didn't mention every single facet of Tarot, wrote – in three different comments (well, they appear to have been written by the same person) – how upsetting it was that I didn't enlighten readers with the fact that Tarot began as a card game. The intended reason for writing the article was to discuss the mysterious aspect of the Tarot, as indicated in the title.

So if you click the link to Learning the Mysteries of the Tarot, you will be brought to an article that discusses the mysterious aspect of the Tarot and not the history of Tarot. I realize I'm coming off sounding ultra-sarcastic, but I never thought I would have to explain a title as much as I've had to explain this one.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Interviewing the Dead

Have you ever wondered how an interview with a dead rock star might read? The innovative staff at Xomba joined forces with  Filter Magazine to create an imaginative contest in which the instructions were to interview a deceased musician. How could I resist?

I chose Jim Morrison, because, well, because he is dead. I might have chosen John Lennon, but I had just written an article about him on Associated Content Commemorating John Lennon's 70th Birthday, October 9, 2010. Click to read if you want.

So I chose Jim Morrison, mostly because I am familiar with him through James Riordan's book about him, Break on Through. Jim is a personal friend of mine, and he has a very engaging style of writing. Also, I'm proud to say that Oliver Stone used Jim's book when he directed the movie, The Doors.

So here it is – the point of this blog – my

Interview with Dead Rock Star Jim Morrison of the Doors (just click the link and you will be instantaneously connected to the afterlife).