Monday, July 30, 2012

Halloween Gifts for Your Halloween Loved Ones

In less than 3 months all this heat and humidity will be a mere memory. The kids go back to school, take a day off for Labor Day, and then prepare for Halloween, their first FUN holiday of the school year. It's not too early to plan for Halloween, especially if you want to get your kids (husband, wife, friend?) a Halloween gift s/he will love!

Don't wait until October – start shopping now. Let me help with some unusual Halloween gifts. Let's start with some Halloween Spooky Bottle Stickers:

Or maybe some Halloween Scary Bottle Labels?

Would you prefer some Halloween Spooky Bear Glow Slap Stickers?

No? How about a Halloween Blood Moon Potions Water Bottle?

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Try Halloween Creepy Wine Glow Slap Stickers:

Soda drinkers might prefer the Halloween Spooky Soda Bottle Labels:

Oh, sorry. Were you expecting to see some Halloween costumes? Here are some adult and children costumes for you to consider. How about The Joker in Batman the Dark Knight?

Are you a Ghostbusters fan? Try this woman's costume.

Have a Power Rangers lover? Perhaps I should have worded that differently. Do you have a child who loves the Power Rangers?

Who doesn't love Ernie?

Lady Gaga?

Clowns anyone? Some people find clowns frightening. I can't imagine this one scaring anybody:

Iron Man War Machine?

Work for NBC? ;)

Have any Jr. Firefighter wannabes in the family?


The Hulk Avengers?

Hippie Chick? Sad to see items I wore in the 70s have now become Halloween costumes :(


Something a little more risque perhaps?

Want to make your man into Johnny Depp – I mean, Jack Sparrow?

Disco 70s throwback? Again with the Halloween costume for something I would have worn (grrr):

What about a Star Wars inflatable Jabba The Hutt?

Want something truly distasteful and disgusting?

We're out of costumes so now I'd like to address the ghost hunters in your circle. Consider these night vision binoculars:

And if you're at a loss as to what to get your paranormal loved one, read Holiday Gift Ideas for Paranormal Lovers for more ideas.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Still Time to Go on a LIVE Ghost Hunt!

Time is running out, but if you don't get your tickets soon, you won't be able to attend the LIVE GHOST HUNT and join the Ghost Hunt Weekends crew in September.

Curious to know more? Click Go on a LIVE Ghost Hunt!