Friday, August 28, 2009

Are We Scaring The Ghosts?

Once upon a time in a tiny little apartment, a little girl ran out of her bedroom to tell her mother about the man in her closet. While the mother's first inclination was to grab her 2 year old and run out of the house, she knew she had to also save her other baby who was sleeping in that same room. With trepidation Mom entered the room and shakily opened the closet door to see – no one. *

Or was it somebody she couldn't see? That little girl was me, and I have had ghostly experiences ever since. I've noticed a new trend happening lately, though – instead of people cowering before ghosts, they are actually buying expensive equipment to track them. Some of these devices cost as much as a home did back in the 1960's.

To capture voices from beyond, ghost hunters use a technique known as Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). While EVPs can cost a minimum of $30 - $40 for inexpensive tape recorders, with a little more investment, filtering programs can be purchased to enhance the sound of the recording.

Thermal imaging cameras, however, can cost upwards of $30,000. These cameras are reputed to capture images of the dead. Skeptics still question the validity of the interpretations made from these devices, but maybe someday somebody will invent a thermal imaging video camera that will capture murders in progress as if they were happening now.

Maybe one day cold case files will warm in the wake of thermal imaging techniques, and we will not only solve these old cases, but also prove the existence of an afterlife. Will the ghosts now be frightened of us?

* Click Dead Man Talking for more information.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Inaugural Paranormal Minds Blog

Welcome to my first paranormal blog.

As somebody who has experienced the paranormal on a personal level, I am no stranger to strange, so to speak. I've been visited by ghosts, though I prefer to call them spirits, and I have even been touched by one of them.

I recount some of those events in my Spirits of Ghosts – True Ghost Stories article. Click on the link and you can read about it.

In this blog I will take you to places you may have never been, to other paranormal blogs and web sites, and I will discuss two of my favorite paranormal television programs, Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures.

Anything even slightly other-worldly sparks my interest. Ever since I was a young girl, I was a fan of Twilight Zone. Rod Serling was an amazing story teller and I sat spellbound as he entertained me with imagination-tingling scenarios. As you might expect, I am also a fan of Medium, Supernatural, and Ghost Whisperer.

Throughout this blog I will explore the paranormal realm with you and introduce you to new paranormal discoveries along with exciting information. We will delve into anything even remotely connected to the paranormal, including dreams, ESP, astrology, and other occult subjects.

I invite your views on the paranormal and would like you to share your finds with me.

And before I go, I want to make one thing perfectly clear – I am a spiritual being living in a physical body. I do not worship the devil, nor do I practice black magick. I believe in Spirit, and I believe in God. But I also believe in your God, whether you call Him Allah or the Divine Spirit. I also believe we truly are one people and that religions and governments are divisive. So, yes, I will be opinionated, but I will always be mindful of my reader.

I absolutely will not tolerate any defamatory remarks made to anybody, nor will I tolerate any pornographic commentary.

And now onto why I chose the name for this particular blog: The Mind, a mechanism that thinks, feels, perceives, and organizes, is the playground for imagination. Paranormal is supernatural, out of the realm of normal. Put them together and you have a chemistry ripe for this blog – Paranormal Minds.