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Interview with Paranormal Fiction Author Christie Silvers

Because Christie Silvers has authored several paranormal books, I wanted to know how Christie became interested in  the paranormal. I also wanted to know about her first paranormal experience. Here is Christie's response:

"I never really had any sort of paranormal experience--that I can remember--as a child. I was well into adulthood and had lost my father to ALS before my first encounter.

For years I had a picture of my dad on my fireplace mantel. It was a picture of him during one of our Christmas celebrations. Christmas was his favorite time of year, so that was when we'd get the best pictures of him, all smiles and happiness shining through.

I never had an issue with that picture until after he passed away. I started noticing the frame would be turned in the wrong direction. Every time I looked at it, the picture would be facing where I sat instead of toward the room where I'd placed it. No matter how many times I turned that picture back, the next time I looked, it would be facing me, again. Read more HERE:

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Synchronicity and Coincidence

Synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear to be significantly related but cannot be proven (so far) to have a discernible causal connection. The only way to prove a relationship, scientifically or unscientifically, is to experiment. 

In the days before cell phones, when long distance phone calls cost way more than did local calls, I devised a way of "influencing" people to call me without being in their presence. The success of the experiment proved to me that synchronicity can manifest through intention. 

In my experiments, I would concentrate on one person, and, within a day or two, he or she would call me. The experiment proved to be profitable because I couldn't afford long distance phone calls, and the ability to focus on people I wanted to call me, which then generated receiving a phone call from those people, was not only experimental, but also FUN

One thought sent into the universe, meant specifically for one person, traveled until it vibrated at a frequency the intended person could feel. He or she would suddenly think of me and then decide to call me, saying variations of, "I don't know why, but you've been on my mind lately."

What's the difference between passively thinking about someone who calls and persuading someone to call? To be honest, proving that a thought creates the occurrence of an event would be difficult, but I don't believe it is scientifically impossible.

Sometimes dreams about people I know magically draw to me those people (in some manner) the next day. Even when dreams are about people I don't know, a celebrity, for instance, something about that person will be discussed by somebody, whether in the news, on the radio, or in person soon after I've had the dream. 

Songs I wake up singing play on the radio when I turn on the radio or shortly after I think about them. Conversations I have about a myriad of subjects are met with, "I was just thinking the same thing," or "I just said that very same thing yesterday!"

Am I psychic or am I just in the right place at the right time?

Being in the right place at the right time is an example of a meaningful coincidence. How many times have you heard about people who went somewhere they didn't want to go but then met the love of their lives? Or maybe you know people who were suddenly offered a job they had been wanting because they "accidentally bumped into" somebody who connected them with the job? 

Being in the right place at the right time is when synchronicity really works its magic. For three weeks, I visited my son in Virginia. He had moved into a home a couple of months before my arrival and was living out of suitcases because he didn't have a dresser. When he bought himself a dresser, I asked him if he wanted help putting it together. He didn't, so I headed upstairs to see what his boys were doing. 

Later I walked downstairs to see how far he'd come with the dresser. He had completed putting it together and was unpacking bins and suitcases, putting things away. While I was standing next to him, he pulled a camera charger out of a bin, shrugged his shoulders, and said he had no idea where it came from as he put it aside.

My eyes lit up. For months I had been searching in Illinois for the camera charger that belonged to my Canon Sure Shot. I had torn my house apart even though I knew I always put the charger in the same spot – the front right pocket of the purse I used as a camera case. I brought it with me on all of my trips, and generally found some out-of-the-way spot, like behind a couch, to store my things.

After several months of searching for the charger, I finally gave up and purchased a new one. It wasn't a Canon charger, and I still searched for my original charger. It had been in Virginia from probably the year before (perhaps it had fallen beneath the couch shortly before he moved from that location). Had I not walked into my son's room at that exact moment, however, he might have thrown it out or tossed it aside, and I would never have known about it. Now I have my Canon charger because I was in the right place at the right time.

So many instances of synchronicity or coincidence occur in my personal life that I wouldn't be able to record them all, but here is another example. Before my oldest granddaughter was born, I had a dream that she was a curly blonde-headed, blue-eyed little girl. Back then my daughter hadn't had an ultrasound so we didn't know the sex of the baby. Coming from a family with dark hair, I thought dark hair would have been the dominant color, so the possibility of having a granddaughter with curly blonde hair seemed unlikely to me.

A couple of weeks later, though, this beautiful little baby girl with soft blonde curls was born, and her eyes stayed blue. Coincidence or premonition?

Paul McCartney tells the story of the time he awoke with the song, Yesterday, playing in his head. The tune sounded so familiar to him he had to ask people he knew if the tune sounded familiar to them. Yesterday remains one of his most successful songs, and through some sort of magical coincidence, inspiration perhaps, it came to him.

So is synchronicity just happenstance or are some people just more open to the experience? Can we will ourselves to come into contact with people we want to appear just by thinking about them and focusing on them? For me that answer would be yes. Even today, I experiment with thinking about a person and will get a call from somebody telling me, "I've been thinking about you."

Sometimes my mind will accidentally think about somebody I don't want to see or hear, and, hard as I try, I can't seem to get that person out of my head fast enough, because before I know it, I he or she tunes into some bizarre radar that resonates on some unheard sound wave and either emails or phones me.

Try the experiment yourself! Think about somebody you haven't seen in a while. Picture him or her calling you, and then wait. I don't know how long it takes for thoughts to travel, but you might find that within a couple of days, that person calls you or shows up on your doorstep and says, "I don't know why, but I've been thinking about you."

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween and Ghosts – Invitation to a Ghost Hunt!

With Halloween creeping slowly toward you, don't you owe it to yourself to get a little creeped out in anticipation of the "hallow" day?

Why not celebrate Halloween by taking a Ghost Hunt! 

If you live anywhere near Fort Madison, Iowa, or if you would be willing to travel to Ford Madison, Ghost Hunt is selling tickets for $25 (adults only) and allowing visitors to document their own paranormal activity. A local hotel is even offering a discount for participants of the Ghost Hunt.

You won't be just hunting ghosts, though. If you decide to make a weekend of it, you can also visit various destinations close to the event.

Bring your camera. You might catch something – it might even be a cold (breeze).

Check out Ghost Hunt's FaceBook page for more details. You'd better hurry, though! The event begins October 19 at 7 p.m. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Atlantis Rising Would Change Earth's Landscape

A super typhoon is headed for Japan and South Korea. A small-time, previously unknown film writer enrages Israel and its allies by depicting the prophet Mohammed in a deleterious fashion. Republicans and Democrats in the United States cross the country in search of votes battling about which presidential nominee will win.

And the world moves on.

While we each await our own global, national, and individual challenges, something is brewing beneath the surface of this planet we all share – something that could change the landscape of our world – as we know it.

Edgar Cayce – 2010

For centuries, people like Plato and Edgar Cayce have discussed the continent of Atlantis, which supposedly sank beneath the ocean millions of years ago. Hidden at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, according to these two men and others, is an entire world filled with artifacts that would prove the existence of Atlantis – if only scientists could access it.

Discussions concerning December 21, 2012, have dwindled over the months, probably because every other predicted event passed without even the tiniest wave of interference in our lives. We might also have become apathetic about the prophecy, because when the world continues on after December 21st, more predictions will appear.

Writers have argued that the world itself will not end. But who really knows? Perhaps a portion of it might be obliterated due to an unstable bomb, an out-of-control asteroid or comet that somehow fell within our gravitational pull, or some other sky-is-falling scenario. Nobody knows for sure, but what might end the world as we know it might not be something falling from the sky – it might be the appearance of land rising from the ocean.

Doomsayers who tout "predictions" of the Mayans as being evidence of what certainly will be a cataclysmic end to our planet might be interested to know the possible relationship between Atlantis and the Mayans. According to The Mammoth Encyclopedia of the Unsolved, Lewis Spence, a Scottish newspaper editor, claimed in his scholarly study, Problem of Atlantis, that geological evidence existed during Miocene times (25-10 million years ago) of a great continent in the Atlantic. Disintegration of that continent (Atlantis) began about 25,000 years ago and continued for another 15,000 years until Atlantis was completely submerged.

As Atlantis fell into the ocean, inhabitants took refuge in nearby lands. The Mayans were supposedly one of the refugees who fled westward to Antillia (an island of Atlantis).

According to the Edgar Cayce Foundation, Spence's account of the demise of Atlantis concurs with Cayce's predicted dates: "Atlantis—located from the Gulf of Mexico to Gibraltar—was destroyed in a final catastrophic event circa 10,000 B.C."

Perhaps one of the most convincing and controversial arguments for the existence of Atlantis is The Bimini Road. Even wikipedia claims that, "Bimini is home to several landmarks said to contain mystical properties of obscure origins." According to the Cayce foundation, investigation leads to arguments about whether or not the rock formation is man-made or natural. A 1926 hurricane impacted Bimini Road (also referred to as Bimini Wall) and therefore hinders scientific investigation into its origins.

However, other findings indicate possible remnants of Atlantis. As recently as the year 2000, underwater ruins may have been discovered off the coast of Cuba between Cuba and Bimini. British researcher Andrew Collins poses the possibility that photos of structures taken in the waters around Andros could belong to the lost continent of Atlantis. However, the Cayce Foundation is quick to add a disclaimer: "We believe that the materials on the bottom may be the remains of these bunkers and the storage silos which were quickly dismantled by the Soviets and dumped. Virtually no new information (2004) has been released about the Cuban site, but we remain hopeful that ruins may be identified at the location."

The Earth, after having undergone numerous tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters, does not look the way it did 100 years ago. Various parts of the world have already changed. While surges of global catastrophes occur with more frequency, we continue to undergo predicted changes. The Yellowstone volcano, for instance, could spontaneously erupt at any moment. Though the Super Volcano hasn't erupted in 70,000 years, geologists conclude that warnings may come too late and the eruptions could have far-reaching effects, changing the structure of the earth around it for miles.
In the meantime, December 21st will soon be upon us. Though the world was supposed to end in 1999, we brought 2000 in with absolutely no problems. We endured all of the predicted ends and resumed life as usual, and we will continue to pick up the pieces of our lives when natural disasters hit. Until Atlantis rises from the ocean, speculations will abound concerning its existence.

But imagine for a moment the possibility of a new land arising from the ocean. Wouldn't it be fun to have a whole new continent to explore? Wouldn't it be fun to change our focus from what is wrong with this world to what is possible in this world filled with new opportunities?

Then again, we'd have to put up with another fight – the fight between countries concerning who "discovers" it, who "owns" it, and who "rules" over it! But for scientists, geologists, and anyone else interested in discovery, Atlantis would prove to be an exciting END to the world we knew and a compelling BEGINNING of a new world we will come to know.

For further reading on this subject:–_end_world_we_know_it_–_or_it

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Don't like HERE? Go THERE!

How to be in Two Places at the Same Time

What if I were to tell you that you could be in two places at the same time. Scientifically impossible, you say? If you are talking about your physical body occupying two spaces at the same time, you could argue with me.

But I'm not talking about your physical body. I'm talking about your ethereal body. I'm talking about sitting in a chair in your home and, instead of looking out at the room where your body resides, you see a place that exists thousands of miles away. I'm talking about remote viewing. And I'm talking about escape.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Halloween Gifts for Your Halloween Loved Ones

In less than 3 months all this heat and humidity will be a mere memory. The kids go back to school, take a day off for Labor Day, and then prepare for Halloween, their first FUN holiday of the school year. It's not too early to plan for Halloween, especially if you want to get your kids (husband, wife, friend?) a Halloween gift s/he will love!

Don't wait until October – start shopping now. Let me help with some unusual Halloween gifts. Let's start with some Halloween Spooky Bottle Stickers:

Or maybe some Halloween Scary Bottle Labels?

Would you prefer some Halloween Spooky Bear Glow Slap Stickers?

No? How about a Halloween Blood Moon Potions Water Bottle?

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Try Halloween Creepy Wine Glow Slap Stickers:

Soda drinkers might prefer the Halloween Spooky Soda Bottle Labels:

Oh, sorry. Were you expecting to see some Halloween costumes? Here are some adult and children costumes for you to consider. How about The Joker in Batman the Dark Knight?

Are you a Ghostbusters fan? Try this woman's costume.

Have a Power Rangers lover? Perhaps I should have worded that differently. Do you have a child who loves the Power Rangers?

Who doesn't love Ernie?

Lady Gaga?

Clowns anyone? Some people find clowns frightening. I can't imagine this one scaring anybody:

Iron Man War Machine?

Work for NBC? ;)

Have any Jr. Firefighter wannabes in the family?


The Hulk Avengers?

Hippie Chick? Sad to see items I wore in the 70s have now become Halloween costumes :(


Something a little more risque perhaps?

Want to make your man into Johnny Depp – I mean, Jack Sparrow?

Disco 70s throwback? Again with the Halloween costume for something I would have worn (grrr):

What about a Star Wars inflatable Jabba The Hutt?

Want something truly distasteful and disgusting?

We're out of costumes so now I'd like to address the ghost hunters in your circle. Consider these night vision binoculars:

And if you're at a loss as to what to get your paranormal loved one, read Holiday Gift Ideas for Paranormal Lovers for more ideas.

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Still Time to Go on a LIVE Ghost Hunt!

Time is running out, but if you don't get your tickets soon, you won't be able to attend the LIVE GHOST HUNT and join the Ghost Hunt Weekends crew in September.

Curious to know more? Click Go on a LIVE Ghost Hunt!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Johnny Depp, Astrologically

A dapper Depp photo from

In astrology, the sun, the moon, the planets, and the rising sign all contribute to the overall personality of the person for whom a chart is cast. While the sun sign gives an overall basic idea of how an individual presents him- or herself to the world, the combination of all celestial bodies placed within the screen of the rising sign, give a more accurate look into the life of an individual.
My astrology program comes with a "Child Interpretation" portion that looks at the individual's potential at the time of his or her birth. Here is Johnny Depp's potential, determined by the energy emanating from the planets in their position and their relationship to each other at the time Johnny Depp was born:

Though we may never know for sure if any of these qualities accurately describe Johnny Depp today, we can understand what astrology says was his potential.

Johnny's sun sign is Gemini, an air sign, but Johnny’s chart shows an outstanding emphasis on Earth signs. Johnny is introspective and cautious about new circumstances or situations. As a child and possibly as an adult, hugs reassure him and provide him with an added sense of security. Nurturing touch is necessary for all children, but because of Johnny's Earth signs, Johnny will likely spend time exploring textures. When shopping, for instance, Johnny's parent will find him "feeling his way" as he walks through stores.

A Gemini Sun child requires change and an intellectually stimulating environment. He will probably talk early, even if the "talk" is unintelligible – he will still need to express himself verbally. Other children will find him fun and interesting, probably also due to his great sense of humor.

Nature stimulates him and also calms and focuses him. Because he lacks Water signs, Johnny might have difficulty understanding and accepting the emotional needs of others and himself. However, if he learns to accept and express his feelings through creative and artistic endeavors, especially music, he will be able to get in touch with his emotions. Over time, if taught properly how to handle his feelings, Johnny can learn to trust and value his intuition.
With a strong emphasis on Fixed signs in Johnny's chart, Johnny is stable, stubborn, consistent, and patient, but also inflexible, resistant, and obsessive. Finishing things is important to Johnny and he will become upset if he is unable to complete a task.
The Moon relates to feelings and emotion and shows how Johnny's emotional needs are met. Johnny's moon in Capricorn in his 6th house, which makes Johnny reliable. His security depends upon consistency, and he works best within the confines of well-defined rules. If the rules are inconsistent, however, Johnny will adjust them to fit his needs. The Moon is the nurturing mother that provides nurturing, comfort, and security. Early conditioning by his own mother becomes his unconscious way of nurturing others. Capricorn has a stabilizing effect though, so Johnny will prefer to feel in control of his emotions. Though he may be highly sensitive emotionally, he will be uncomfortable showing it.

Johnny needs to feel responsible and respected, and he enjoys the company of mature individuals. He may show a wry sense of humor, even in childhood. Johnny has a tremendous need for structure and will appreciate a carefully scheduled lifestyle. Irresponsible adults will undermine Johnny’s sense of security. He needs consistent and positive behavioral reinforcement.

Johnny is probably very picky about his diet and his environment. Johnny feels he must be in control of his body. Even as a baby, Johnny probably complained about discomfort, but once adjustments were made, he became quiet and soothed. Pets may have been especially important to him.

Johnny's rising sign is Leo, the actor of the zodiac, the "pay attention to me" sign. Dramatic and filled with pride describe Johnny in his early years. He loves to show off and shine, and may often find himself (and enjoy) being the center of attention. He is warm, entertaining, and fun.

Johnny's Mercury in Taurus, which makes him a cautious communicator, meaning he generally will not speak until he has all of the facts. Mercury is the planet of communication and Taurus is the cautious, take-your-time sign. Taurus is also an Earth sign, meaning that tasting, touching, hearing, smelling, and seeing define his method of learning. If what he learns doesn't hold a practical application, he may lose interest. Because Mercury sits in Johnny's 10th house, he wants to be recognized for his intellectual abilities. His strong opinions initially reflect those of his parents and close family members, but he will later form his own opinions, though early influences will likely play a crucial role in forming them.
Because of Johnny's Mercury and Venus connection, Johnny will be likely be drawn to artistic expression and probably enjoys listening to, writing, or reading poetry or prose. He may also be interested in drawing and literature, and he would excel in public speaking. He is a natural diplomat and is probably the family peacemaker.

Johnny doesn't like making mistakes and can feel particularly upset if he feels criticized (remember all of this information pertains to energies surrounding Johnny Depp as a child – free will and experience can change anything). Harsh criticism undermines his confidence and damages Johnny's self-esteem – supportive, constructive criticism, on the other hand builds his confidence. He requires honest praise.

Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, and some might say, luck. Johnny's Jupiter is in Aries. He requires independence while learning and an appreciation for challenging opportunities. A born leader, he desires to express his leadership abilities.

Mars in Virgo in his 1st house could indicate a child who is likely to take risks, and who is accident-prone. He may not sleep well if he doesn't get a lot of physical activity.

Jupiter in Aries squaring the Moon in Capricorn could express frustrations through a kind of ravenous appetite. In his early years, he will think that others lead better lives than he does, and he may hold unrealistic expectations of himself or others. Johnny's tender heart shows up with his Moon in sextile aspect to Neptune. His deep desire to develop creative and artistic sensibilities is highly important. Imagination and dreams can be especially real to Johnny as a child, and his intuition is probably quite  powerful. This aspect shows that he probably also had (has) a profound emotional tie to his Mother, which today still resonates on a deeply spiritual level.

What you have read so far is a condensed version of the actual report. The rest of the report is quite lengthy and I am providing it verbatim. In any chart, while the meanings of the planets are clearly defined, and while the meanings of the houses are also clearly defined, the relational aspects between the planets blur the lines a little. Squares and oppositions present special challenges, as do quincunxes, while conjunctions and trines create more harmonious aspects.

Here is the rest of Johnny Depp's chart from the actual report (special thanks to Gloria Star from TimeCycles):

(If you would like to see what your potential was at the time of your birth, get your new child interpretation – for you or your child – by clicking FREE HOROSCOPES to get the rules for ordering one.)

Embracing Emotional Drives and Needs

Johnny may feel that he is constantly having to make adjustments in his needs in order to get even part of them fulfilled. The influence of the Moon is in quincunx to the Sun can instill a sense of emotional discontent, like never quite feeling "full". Satisfying both parents can be difficult, especially if they seem to have different approaches to dealing with Johnny. It’s easy for Johnny to feel caught between family struggles, imagining that ultimately his needs are less important than the needs or demands of others. It’s up to the parents to assure him that this is not true!   Self-confidence and optimism can be hallmarks of Johnny’s personality. The natural exuberance that flows from the Sun in a harmonious connection to Jupiter can be contagious. Johnny likes to feel important, and can positively glow in the face of accomplishment. He can feel that the parents expect a great deal, and can be eager to please. These expectations may integrated into Johnny’s life by helping him show appreciation for the good things in life, or saying "thank you" to others when indicated. Johnny may honestly desire to reach beyond his current situation or capacities. These planetary connections can indicate laziness, and unless there is a reason to excel, Johnny may try to get by with minimal effort.   With the Sun and Saturn in a trine aspect, Johnny may feel more safe and supported. Family structures tend to be sound and respect for social rules and mores will be easier to develop. Following the established order will always be more comfortable than changing the status quo, especially if others or an existing situation clearly provide real security. Taking risks may be difficult, and when confronted with new situations he may first resist as an automatic response. Conservative attitudes may almost always prevail unless other factors in the chart suggest otherwise. While this aspect can be and indicator of an ability to form a positive sense of self, it can reinforce a feeling that keeping things as they are is always the best choice.
Mercury is not traditionally considered an emotional expression. However, Mercury’s role in the expression of feelings is highly important. Mercury represents the function of articulation of ideas and feelings and influences how we communicate them. After all, most of us are more comfortable if we can talk about our emotional experiences to someone special. A child needs to feel that he can talk about anything with his parents, and that it is okay to share feelings and ideas. When a child is not given opportunities to communicate his emotional needs, he can develop problems communicating almost anything else! Mercury’s function in our lives is to link internal processes to the external world, and one of the most important inner links is the experience of sharing emotion.

Since Johnny has Mercury and Venus connected, he needs to communicate his sense of values and expressions of love in a clear way. At an early age, Johnny may enjoy listening to prose and poetry, and may be especially drawn to singing about feelings! He simply feels better when emotions can be expressed verbally or artistically.   Johnny takes communication seriously, since Mercury and Saturn are connected. However, the primary emotional implication from this connection is that Johnny may worry excessively. Help him appreciate the realism of situations, but also encourage him to rest and relax the mind. Teach positive thinking!

Self-esteem is another part of Johnny’s psychological make-up. Venus describes the needs for love and value systems, along with self-worth. Artistic expression can be part of this emotional outlet, and this is Venus in action. Selfish behavior can be Venusian, too, and most small children show Venus through their particular expression of selfishness and their ultimate struggle to allow Venus to evolve as they develop the capacity to learn to share. You’ll see Venus expressing in a more outgoing manner after about age four, when Johnny may finally want to give something to another person. But the full involvement of Venusian development is during the teen years, when "falling in love" becomes a reality. But, regardless of Johnny’s age, he needs to feel love from others to encourage growth on every level, including the growth of self-esteem.

Johnny has strong desire to experience the beautiful side of life. With Venus in Taurus, he may love singing, music, working with modeling clay, and can develop close attachments to people and situations. Getting into nature is rejuvenating. Encourage Johnny to grow something! Hugs and closeness mean a lot when it comes to expressing affection.

The tendency to feel inhibited about expressing love and affection can be an extension of Johnny’s Venus-Saturn connection. This can be an indicator of low self-esteem, since Johnny may feel that he must do certain things, or do things in a particular way, to be loved. These self-imposed restrictions on receiving love can be tremendously detrimental to the need to openly express tenderness. Johnny may associate fear with love: the fear that the love may not be there, or the fear that love will cause pain. Parents can help Johnny by becoming sensitive to the barriers he builds against intimacy. Developing a trust in his feelings can be frustrating. Once the sexual self begins to develop, it is important for Johnny to be able to cope with these feelings without fear and guilt.

Since Venus also deals with the concept of beauty, it’s possible that Johnny will be too focused on whether or not he is sufficiently attractive -- or pretty enough -- boy or girl! Whether fortunate or unfortunate, our society places a strong value on the way someone looks. Given the media exposure children receive today, they, too, are being bombarded by images which they will try to emulate. If Johnny receives messages from parents or teachers that there is a problem with his looks, then he will take it more seriously and worry about it. It is crucial for Johnny to understand the many layers of beauty and to be taught how to accept himself with love -- even with a few flaws that challenge the popular ideals.   The desire and ability to include a wide range of friends in Johnny’s life arises from a connection between Venus and Uranus. His show of love is definitely an expression of and need for unconditional acceptance. There can be a powerful urge for free emotional expression, since spontaneous emotion is a definite reality. Johnny may be the champion for the underdog. So, if you’re wondering why Johnny brings home the weirdest kids in the school -- it’s because he can relate to them!

Johnny may enjoy group associations, team activities, and things that include others. However, there is also a need to stand out in the crowd. Johnny may also be the one who begins a new fashion revolution or sets trends. The need is to be different, and to let others know that being different is fantastic!

Johnny’s Mars shows when he expresses anger and personal strength. As Johnny grows up, the way he shows personal assertiveness will be developed.

With Mars in Virgo, Johnny needs to keep those hands busy. As a baby Johnny may be fidgety and fussy if he is the least bit uncomfortable. Toddler years may find Johnny fascinated with dexterity building toys, puzzles, and gadgets. As he grows, developing skills which require dexterity and attention to detail can be extended into sports like gymnastics or dance or art and music (or all of the above). Do not expect that Johnny will be neat, since keeping all those tools and toys organized may not be as much fun as pulling them off the shelf and putting them to use. He can become excessively critical of self and others and needs to develop patience with the process of becoming skillful.

Quick responses and an excitable temperament are a strong part of Johnny’s personality profile. With a healthy contact between Mars and Uranus, Johnny needs ample opportunity to express himself freely, but could benefit from the lessons of positive caution as well. In fact, teaching reasonable caution may be absolutely necessary! As an example, Johnny may be fascinated with high-risk activities such as skydiving or ski jumping, and should be encouraged to explore any risky activities only after adequate instruction and when maturity allows. Anger may be expressed immediately, since this combination tends to stimulate sudden, focused expression of anger. There can also be a positive ability to take the lead when courage and ground-breaking are necessary.

Johnny may not demonstrate the energy of Uranus until teenage years, since this quality is part of the expression of uniqueness, ingenuity, and rebellion. It’s usually outwardly expressed in teen years as part of a teen’s uprising against the status quo. Uranus spends about seven years in one sign, and is one of the planetary energies that identify qualities of a generation. Johnny was born when Uranus was in Virgo (1962-1969), and is part of a generation rebelling against the old way of doing things. With the Virgo credo, "there has to be a better way," this generation will be highly adept at creating and using innovative tools. However, there can also be a tendency to go too far with that fix-it attitude.

But the personal expression of Uranian energy is most likely to be seen in the arena of life most influenced by this planet. Uranus in the 1st House adds an unusual, and independent quality to Johnny’s personality. Johnny needs plenty of room to exercise his individuality, and should be given ample opportunities to interject his preferences for clothes and other "image" related items. During teen years, watch for surprise hair colors, at the least!

Another significant, but emotionally charged, generation-oriented quality is the energy of Pluto. Pluto represents the deepest reservoirs of emotional energy, and is not a quality openly expressed in childhood. However, when a personal planet or angular point in a chart is connected to Pluto, then this profound level of emotional and transformational energy is easier to see. Pluto also represents deep-seated anxieties or fears, which are, for lack of a better description, absorbed into the psyche.

For a child, it’s virtually impossible to direct an awareness of this energy, since the personal self must be well developed before knowledge of this esoteric plane of consciousness awakens. In fact, most adults have difficulty with this part of the self! Although the energy of Pluto may be felt during the childhood years, it is not usually a conscious expression at this time.

Pluto moves very slowly through the zodiac, and its sign tells more about the transformational influence Pluto will have on that particular generation than it will about the changes in the individual. Johnny was born at a time when Pluto was in Virgo (1957-1971), and is part of a generation saddled with the task of repairing the trauma created by previous generations. Whether trauma to the Earth or the individual, there is a strong drive to see the whole picture. Ranging from integrating holistic and alternative health techniques to simplifying lifestyles, this generation will also have to deal with the questions of genetic engineering.

As with the other transpersonal planets, the House position of Pluto is the area of life where you help Johnny get in touch with a need for healing and transformational change. Pluto in the 2nd House can suggest a fear of not being good enough or not having sufficient resources. Johnny needs additional reinforcement of his self-worth and may also need to understand how to handle time and things of material value. There is an innate sensibility about renewal, and this can be taught in simply ways -- like using old milk cartons for art projects. Later, he might enjoy being involved in making sure that the family recycling efforts are intact.

You’ve discovered that the Ascendant is like the window-dressing or mask of the personality, but connections from planets to the Ascendant can also alter how Johnny expresses his emotional self.

With the Sun in a supportive contact with the Ascendant, Johnny may have a "sunny" disposition! There’s a tendency to be highly noticeable, and he may like to shine above the crowd.   Jupiter in a supportive aspect to the Ascendant adds a sense of confidence, optimism and enthusiasm. However, it can also exaggerate the personality. Sometimes overindulgence and laziness is noticeable.   The extra sensitive quality of Johnny’s personality may be amplified because Neptune makes a dynamic aspect to the Ascendant. Sometimes, Johnny may feel invisible, and it can be difficult to make his needs known. Positive outlets for this energy dynamic can be acting, music or the arts.

Sometimes, planets appear to move backward in their orbital path from our viewpoint here on Earth. When that happens, we say a planet is retrograde.

Trusting inner security is a primary lesson for any child born with Saturn retrograde. Johnny may also innately mistrust authority. Saturn provides structure, direction and discipline, and teaches us about our priorities. Having this planet in retrograde sometimes makes it difficult to learn these lessons at first. Saturn retrograde may indicate problems relating to the parent who provides this structure in the early years. If this parent is inaccessible to Johnny, either because he or she is absent, constantly working, or emotionally distant. Johnny must learn to go within and achieve his own sense of structure, direction and personal discipline.

Questions about safety can be paramount. Affirmations which confer a sense of confidence, achievement and personal strength can be powerful tools. Johnny can be remarkably self-disciplined and focused once this sense of self-doubt is overcome. Pianist Van Cliburn, actor Sean Connery, dancer/actress Leslie Caron and singer Dionne Warwick were all born with Saturn retrograde.   Neptune’s energy draws us into the inner self where we dream, visualize, imagine and escape. Since Johnny has Neptune retrograde, this introspective energy is more deeply sensitized. There can be an intensified desire to escape the ordinary world and its pressures. It’s absolutely necessary that Johnny learns positive uses of creative imagination. Plus, he can struggle to distinguish the difference between physical plane reality (what we usually think of as "real") and the world of imagination or illusion. Imagination should certainly be encouraged, but in ways that are constructive to Johnny’s growth. Neptune’s house placement will indicate the area in which Johnny needs a creative escape and how he can be effective in using his imagination. Farrah Fawcett, Yoko Ono, and Ralph Waldo Emerson were all born with Neptune retrograde at birth.

Fostering Creativity and Spirituality

Children seem to be inherently connected to spiritual awareness and expression. Their joy in the daily discoveries of life can be infectious, and a child’s sense of wonder brings light into life. To help a child find Truth and embrace a sense of The Divine, very little encouragement is needed. But it is necessary to support this natural connection, and can make all the difference in Johnny’s ability to trust himself.

One of the most significant ways to help Johnny awaken and touch Spirit is to foster his creativity. It’s not necessary for every child to be a consummate artist, but each child needs room to experiment with the creative self. There are several factors in the astrological chart that support the development and expression of personal creativity.

Beyond education and development of the intellect in a more formal sense, Mercury plays an important role in self-expression. After all, this is the energy of linking ideas and concepts from the inner self to the outside world -- and back again! One of the creative influences of Mercury in Taurus can be developed in the early years by encouraging artistic play with clay. Johnny may have very expressive hands, and will enjoy the feeling of earthy materials as part of the creative process. Johnny may also like using the hands to make music, but sometimes this also indicates a very pleasant singing voice.

Venus, the expression of artistry, is, of course, an important part of creativity. This is the energy through which Johnny experiences and expresses feelings. In many respects, while the Moon represents "feeling," Venus represents "emotion" -- which is the voice of feeling. Venus also represents beauty, a quality deep within which every child needs to feel, identify and express.

Encourage Johnny to get in touch with expressions that feel good to his heart! Special talents and creative interests can include a wide range of artistic interests in music, although his favorite may be singing and vocal music. A love of nature’s beauty might inspire creativity with flowers -- from gardening to floral arranging. The sensual qualities of Venus in Taurus can stimulate expressions using clay or the creation of pottery, but painting and drawing might also be enjoyable, and there may be talents in jewelry design. However, Johnny may be a first-class cook, including confection-making.

Venus in the 10th House shows a desire to develop an artistic career, or at least have some public exposure of Johnny’s artistic talents. Approval from family is very important, and pleasing teachers may also be crucial to encouraging his talents. He may also be gifted directing the efforts of others.

It’s quite possible that Johnny will be excessively critical of his own efforts, thus restricting the creative flow and causing feelings of frustration. This can be a manifestation of tension from Venus’ thwarting contact to Saturn. However, there is a powerful drive to develop creativity, and this can indicate that there are simply obstacles to be overcome! Also, there can be a kind of procrastination present, with Johnny waiting until he feels absolutely certain that efforts will meet with approval before expressing them or sharing creations. Creative talents may be overly structured and the spontaneity can be lost or diluted. There can be a fear that he will disappoint someone whose endorsement carries great significance. For this reason, loving guidance and care are exceptionally important.   Johnny can definitely have a unique quality that shows in his creativity. Tastes will be unusual, futuristic, and sometimes strange! The "untried" is fascinating. Applications of technological innovations to art may be strong (such as synthesized music, computer games, electronic art, desktop publishing). Johnny can be creatively innovative, but may not fall "in line" when it comes to art or music class! There can also be trouble concentrating, since spontaneous inspiration may distract Johnny from completing the artistic project at hand. Part of the problem can also be that one form of expression is not "quite right."

To get past purely self-centered awareness, the expansive energy of Jupiter encourages a child too reach out and expand his personal universe. Through Jupiter, Johnny can begin to build a basic philosophy of life, and exercise his sense of hope and vision. The need to reach out and give is Jupiter in action, but so is enthusiasm. Most important, when Johnny is in touch with Jupiter, he is inspired! Here is the desire to grow, to reach into new horizons, to feel adventure and joy. While it may take a lifetime to develop a personal philosophy or explore religious teachings, during childhood, Johnny does feel wonder about universal principles, a Higher Power, and endless questions called, "Why?"

Moral questions flow through the realm of Jupiter, and learning higher principles through inspiring teachers and mentors is another outpouring of this energy. It is generally not until a child has developed some measure of cognitive skill that the awareness of Jupiter can be taught. During elementary school and preteen years, this energy begins to flourish. Jupiter is a function of the higher mind, the part of our consciousness that can connect with the Divine. The early awareness of Jupiter deals primarily with the concepts of sharing, positive thinking, enthusiasm and hope for reward.

Even from an early age, Johnny may have a strong interest in understanding moral values. With Jupiter in the 9th House, Johnny may be interested in religion and philosophy, and will love allegorical tales which drive home the meanings of universal Truths. Exploring other cultures can be an excellent way for him to learn the value of tolerance. He will have a strong appreciation for teachers who walk their talk.

Then, there is the world of dreams and imagination. Neptune’s placement in the chart indicates the areas where a child dreams most easily. The sensitivity Neptune adds to life allows Johnny to connect with the spiritual, nonphysical realm. What child is not a master at make-believe? But this energy is also an expression of Divine Compassion, and it needs special support and nourishment during childhood. Encouraging Johnny to trust his dreams, while identifying the difference between the "real" and "imaginary" world can be quite a job. But it is a very important one, since walking between the inner world and the outside world requires special awareness. There is nothing inferior about imagination, nor is there anything wrong with beliefs, since there are many expressions of reality.

Another feature of this energy is the expression of charity. A child taught to give to others less fortunate is definitely a blessed child!

Because Neptune moves very slowly, it is another of the generation-focused planets. Other children Johnny’s age will likely have Neptune in the same sign. Johnny was born when Neptune was in Scorpio (1957-1970), and is part of a generation focused on uncovering the mysteries of human psychology. Neptune’s expression of spirituality resonates through profound emotional issues, including a deep need to understand the ultimate challenges of life -- including birth, healing and death. Human sexuality and its many forms of expression is also a significant element for this generation, and the relationship between sexuality, spirituality and creative expression is powerfully linked. In addition, this generation may feel charged with the task of erasing old prejudices.

Neptune’s placement in the chart shows the areas where a child can easily dream. This also provides indicators of the facet’s of life where Johnny can feel a desire to let go or to exercise compassion toward others. The placement of Neptune in the 4th House is perfect for a child who wants to spend time in the backyard playhouse or fort. Johnny will love to emulate the activities of the family, since this stimulates creativity, and family holiday traditions can provide him with an excellent forum for exercising talents.

Perceptions of the Parents

Guess what? You can tell how Johnny is likely to see his parents by looking at his own chart! Understanding how Johnny perceives Mom and Dad can be especially helpful, since what Johnny hopes to see and needs to experience from parents forms the basis of his sense of Self.

When Johnny feels happy and full of joy, the world looks bright, too. But if Johnny is physically or emotionally low, his behavior and responsiveness suffer. In relationships with others, children and adults alike will project their feelings and perceptions onto other people. Johnny needs to experience himself through projecting his needs onto the people in his personal environment. In fact, the undeveloped Aspects of the Self are usually projected onto others as a means of "seeing" these feelings or needs manifested in some way. Projection is a key factor in human psychology.

In many instances, the other people are reasonable targets for those projections, especially if their connections are bound by emotions or other commitments. A child looks to Mother as the person who will reflect the nurturing feminine needs. Mother represents the inner feminine self for boys and girls alike. Johnny may even see things in Mother that Mother does not recognize as the way she is!

Johnny’s Moon sign shows how he perceives Mother. It makes no difference whether Mother sees herself in this light or not -- the child holds these particular perceptions what Mother needs to be because he is projecting his own inner needs for security onto her. As Johnny matures into adulthood, these perceptions determine how Johnny will play the nurturing and mothering role toward others.

Through Johnny’s eyes, Mother is serious and reliable, since the Moon in Capricorn projects qualities of structure onto Mother. Mother represents control, organization, determination and persistence -- the things Johnny needs to feel secure. There can be a strong respect for Mother.

Since Johnny’s Moon is stimulated by a dynamic connection to Jupiter, Mother’s encouragement is definitely needed. However, expectations can be a problem. Mother can help him by making a special effort to define expectations when they do exist. Johnny may feel that satisfying Mother is difficult, and might tend to stretch the truth in order to appear better or more acceptable.   Through the harmonious contact between Moon and Neptune, Johnny may have the feeling that Mother is a source of spiritual and mystical power. In some instances, Mother may personify a kind of perfect ideal, especially in the sense of "goddess-like" qualities. The intuitive connection with Mother may also be quite profound and special to Johnny.

The Sun, the primary masculine energy in the chart, is also described as a person’s sense of "self". A young child has a very limited true sense of self, and is not likely to "own" these qualities until the preteen years or later. This sense of individuality may be strongly tied to the initial relationship with Father and, later, to interactions with other significant male figures. In early childhood development, Johnny’s Sun does not express fully as an individual ego. The Sun powerfully affects the child’s perceptions of Father; if the father is supportive and consistent, Johnny may feel that his or her own individuality is reliable and strong. Johnny’s perceptions of Father are strongly symbolized by the energy of the Sun in the astrological chart.

The qualities of intelligence, flexibility and connection are projected onto Father, since Johnny projects the strength of the Gemini Sun until he can own these things for himself. Time spent sharing ideas with Dad is truly special for Johnny.

Through the Sun in the 11th House, Johnny is likely to be drawn to the idea of Father as a good friend, and may experience the greatest encouragement when Father gives his stamp of approval to his hopes and plans.

Father is seen as the great provider, since the connection between Sun and Jupiter is likely to be projected as a kind of "Santa Claus" image. If for any reason Johnny’s Dad provides many material things to compensate for lost time, this can become problematic. Father may be viewed as optimistic or enthusiastic, and Johnny will look to Father to provide inspiration and praise for his achievements.   Through the supportive energies between the Sun and Saturn, Johnny may find that Father is an excellent source of strength and security. There can be a very close relationship to Father, although there is a strong desire to be sure that Father approves of everything. This can be somewhat inhibiting, and Johnny may also allow Father’s wishes to overshadow his own desires since this approval seems so important.

Through the connections between the Sun and Uranus, Johnny is likely to perceive that he has an exceptional father. Or, Johnny may see the father as too aloof, leading to feelings that Dad is unreliable or undependable. Dad may be rather eccentric, but he could also just be highly independent. Remember: this is the potential perception Johnny has of Father! It’s possible that Johnny sees the father as a model so unique that he could never fit into it. It’s also likely that he sees the father as living beyond the limitations and structures of society, offering a different viewpoint of life from the "norm." When given an opportunity to prove his own uniqueness to Father, Johnny will require positive reinforcement for his talents and abilities if he is to feel confidence in his individuality.  

The contact between the Sun and Neptune can suggest problems in a child’s perception of Father, since Dad can be over-idealized; he may even have disappeared. Johnny may see only an illusion of Father. This can produce problems in Johnny’s own perception of Self later on, since the role model is viewed through rose-colored glasses. Johnny may also expect the father to be rather saintly, and can be disappointed when Daddy turns out to be human! For this reason, it’s crucial that Johnny has a realistic and close contact with Father. While Father’s sharing of his spirituality and creativity with Johnny can be especially positive reinforcement, he also needs to show his humanity. Ultimately, it may also be helpful if Johnny has a male mentor who may be easier to identify than Dad. This does not mean that another male needs to come into Johnny’s life to take over the role of the father, but that this could be a very positive compliment to the child’s development. Johnny needs a reason to have a male to idealize. That’s quite a tall order for Father, but many men are definitely up to the task!

Then, there is a need for solidity, structure and safety -- and most children look to parents to establish this for them. A child is not capable of understanding the ways of the world, but will learn about them eventually. Nor does a child understand the need for limits. It’s up to parents and teachers to set these limits and expose a child to the rules of life. These rules, tests and structures are identified by the energy of Saturn.

There can be a downside, since Saturn energy feels judgmental and limiting much of the time, especially in childhood. Many children are anything but delighted at the prospect of being "responsible" -- that’s what adults are supposed to be, not kids!

The placement of Saturn not only symbolizes the parents, but also authority in society. Saturn does not necessarily represent one parent or another. Here is discipline, structure, and stability. This is also tradition. For the better part, what Saturn symbolizes is the story of how Johnny needs to be stabilized and what he requires in terms of a sense of safety and security.

With Saturn in Aquarius, Johnny may grow up in situations which defy traditional concepts, learning to accept and feel that this is normal and right. However, regardless of the family values Johnny learns, he will be likely to feel most stable when he has plenty of room to explore individuality within a framework of personal responsibility. Johnny needs parents who are comfortable standing up for humanitarian ideals.

Saturn in the 7th House represents the need to learn how to honor promises. Johnny will look to the parents to see how they deal with commitments. Of course, promises made to him will be important indicators. However, Johnny will also pay attention to the way parents keep their obligations in society.