Friday, November 16, 2012

Interview with Paranormal Fiction Author Christie Silvers

Because Christie Silvers has authored several paranormal books, I wanted to know how Christie became interested in  the paranormal. I also wanted to know about her first paranormal experience. Here is Christie's response:

"I never really had any sort of paranormal experience--that I can remember--as a child. I was well into adulthood and had lost my father to ALS before my first encounter.

For years I had a picture of my dad on my fireplace mantel. It was a picture of him during one of our Christmas celebrations. Christmas was his favorite time of year, so that was when we'd get the best pictures of him, all smiles and happiness shining through.

I never had an issue with that picture until after he passed away. I started noticing the frame would be turned in the wrong direction. Every time I looked at it, the picture would be facing where I sat instead of toward the room where I'd placed it. No matter how many times I turned that picture back, the next time I looked, it would be facing me, again. Read more HERE:

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