Thursday, October 25, 2012

Synchronicity and Coincidence

Synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear to be significantly related but cannot be proven (so far) to have a discernible causal connection. The only way to prove a relationship, scientifically or unscientifically, is to experiment. 

In the days before cell phones, when long distance phone calls cost way more than did local calls, I devised a way of "influencing" people to call me without being in their presence. The success of the experiment proved to me that synchronicity can manifest through intention. 

In my experiments, I would concentrate on one person, and, within a day or two, he or she would call me. The experiment proved to be profitable because I couldn't afford long distance phone calls, and the ability to focus on people I wanted to call me, which then generated receiving a phone call from those people, was not only experimental, but also FUN

One thought sent into the universe, meant specifically for one person, traveled until it vibrated at a frequency the intended person could feel. He or she would suddenly think of me and then decide to call me, saying variations of, "I don't know why, but you've been on my mind lately."

What's the difference between passively thinking about someone who calls and persuading someone to call? To be honest, proving that a thought creates the occurrence of an event would be difficult, but I don't believe it is scientifically impossible.

Sometimes dreams about people I know magically draw to me those people (in some manner) the next day. Even when dreams are about people I don't know, a celebrity, for instance, something about that person will be discussed by somebody, whether in the news, on the radio, or in person soon after I've had the dream. 

Songs I wake up singing play on the radio when I turn on the radio or shortly after I think about them. Conversations I have about a myriad of subjects are met with, "I was just thinking the same thing," or "I just said that very same thing yesterday!"

Am I psychic or am I just in the right place at the right time?

Being in the right place at the right time is an example of a meaningful coincidence. How many times have you heard about people who went somewhere they didn't want to go but then met the love of their lives? Or maybe you know people who were suddenly offered a job they had been wanting because they "accidentally bumped into" somebody who connected them with the job? 

Being in the right place at the right time is when synchronicity really works its magic. For three weeks, I visited my son in Virginia. He had moved into a home a couple of months before my arrival and was living out of suitcases because he didn't have a dresser. When he bought himself a dresser, I asked him if he wanted help putting it together. He didn't, so I headed upstairs to see what his boys were doing. 

Later I walked downstairs to see how far he'd come with the dresser. He had completed putting it together and was unpacking bins and suitcases, putting things away. While I was standing next to him, he pulled a camera charger out of a bin, shrugged his shoulders, and said he had no idea where it came from as he put it aside.

My eyes lit up. For months I had been searching in Illinois for the camera charger that belonged to my Canon Sure Shot. I had torn my house apart even though I knew I always put the charger in the same spot – the front right pocket of the purse I used as a camera case. I brought it with me on all of my trips, and generally found some out-of-the-way spot, like behind a couch, to store my things.

After several months of searching for the charger, I finally gave up and purchased a new one. It wasn't a Canon charger, and I still searched for my original charger. It had been in Virginia from probably the year before (perhaps it had fallen beneath the couch shortly before he moved from that location). Had I not walked into my son's room at that exact moment, however, he might have thrown it out or tossed it aside, and I would never have known about it. Now I have my Canon charger because I was in the right place at the right time.

So many instances of synchronicity or coincidence occur in my personal life that I wouldn't be able to record them all, but here is another example. Before my oldest granddaughter was born, I had a dream that she was a curly blonde-headed, blue-eyed little girl. Back then my daughter hadn't had an ultrasound so we didn't know the sex of the baby. Coming from a family with dark hair, I thought dark hair would have been the dominant color, so the possibility of having a granddaughter with curly blonde hair seemed unlikely to me.

A couple of weeks later, though, this beautiful little baby girl with soft blonde curls was born, and her eyes stayed blue. Coincidence or premonition?

Paul McCartney tells the story of the time he awoke with the song, Yesterday, playing in his head. The tune sounded so familiar to him he had to ask people he knew if the tune sounded familiar to them. Yesterday remains one of his most successful songs, and through some sort of magical coincidence, inspiration perhaps, it came to him.

So is synchronicity just happenstance or are some people just more open to the experience? Can we will ourselves to come into contact with people we want to appear just by thinking about them and focusing on them? For me that answer would be yes. Even today, I experiment with thinking about a person and will get a call from somebody telling me, "I've been thinking about you."

Sometimes my mind will accidentally think about somebody I don't want to see or hear, and, hard as I try, I can't seem to get that person out of my head fast enough, because before I know it, I he or she tunes into some bizarre radar that resonates on some unheard sound wave and either emails or phones me.

Try the experiment yourself! Think about somebody you haven't seen in a while. Picture him or her calling you, and then wait. I don't know how long it takes for thoughts to travel, but you might find that within a couple of days, that person calls you or shows up on your doorstep and says, "I don't know why, but I've been thinking about you."

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