Thursday, December 31, 2009

NEW Paranormal Show


Could I be any more excited? I love that the paranormal world is becoming more mainstream. In addition to all of my other paranormal shows, I can now add Paranormal Cops to my list.

Located on your A&E channel, Paranormal Cops promises to blend the world of paranormal investigation with that of criminal investigation (perfect for me).

Bona-fide Chicago-area cops during the day, paranormal experts by night, Paranormal Cops sounds intriguing and fascinating.

According to, "The third season of Paranormal State {author's note: a favorite of mine} premieres Monday, January 19 at 10PM ET/PT and Paranormal Cops is currently and tentatively slated to premiere later in 2009."

I await with anticipation!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Psychic Children

December 15, 2009, starts the new season of Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal on A & E. The show is fascinating as it relates stories of children who are haunted by their supernatural abilities.

Psychic investigator Chip Coffee and Dr. Lisa Miller help these children cope with what is sometimes frightening to the children.

Have these children become what is now termed, "Indigo Children" or "Crystal Children"? The article, Psychic Kids – Crystal Children and Indigo Children asks why so many children today are being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Asperger's Syndrome, and Autism. All of those disorders are related to symptoms belonging to highly sensitive children who have been labeled as Indigo Children or Crystal Children.

Read the article and determine if you believe one of your children belongs to one of these two groups of children who have highly developed psychic abilities.

And tune in to the show starting its new season on December 15th.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Scary Games!

Does this board frighten you? It does some people, so much so that even the thought of using one seems malevolent.

But Ouija boards are not the only boards that invite spirits to communicate with the living. Known as Spirit boards, Talking boards, and other names, they are merely communication devices that enable us to contact the other side.

After all, they are only games, right?

Well, then, what do you think about Angel boards? Are they better than Ouija boards? Does using an Angel board truly invite angelic beings into your home?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas for Paranormal Lovers

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is here, and you probably already have a pretty good idea what to get all the members in your family. However, one of them may have you stumped – she loves anything and everything paranormal. But the paranormal realm is so expansive – where do you begin?

At a loss? Let me help.

While my intention wasn't to promote in this blog, I found some of the best prices at that site, and since I was looking for the least expensive options, you'll note that most of the links will take you to amazon – directly to the page where the item appears.

Without further ado, here is a list of some paranormal gifts sure to please the paranormal lover who doesn't already own the items listed.

Angel Boards

Not to be confused with ouija boards, the Guiding Light Angel Board (available at amazon for $32.95) is supposed to invite only good clean spirits. If you decide to go this route, make sure you say prayers prior to using this gift – or have the board blessed, because these boards look very much like ouija boards to me and I wouldn't want any uninvited spirits to accidently find their way into your home.


Love this show about true hauntings – your paranormal lover may watch Paranormal State (and other ghost hunting shows) too. Paranormal State Unisex T-Shirt (under $25)

Oh, yes – who can resist Sam and Dean from Supernatural – wouldn't your paranormal lover love to look at these faces on days other than just Thursdays (when the show airs): Supernatural Sam & Dean Adult Black Long-Sleeve T-Shirt (under $30)

Ghost Hunting Equipment

What every ghost hunter wants – a Starter Kit Ghosthunting Kit (under $100). And if you want more than just a starter kit, for a list of other ghost hunting devices, read 13 Halloween Must-Haves For Ghost Hunters.

Crystal Ball

Every good wannabe psychic needs a crystal ball, right? The color purple is supposed to invite highly spiritual entities, so I chose this one: Purple Crystal Ball (under $15).

ESP Book

Learning how to harness the power of Extra Sensory Perception is beautifully illustrated in the book, How to Make ESP Work For You, by Harold Sherman. He offers step-by-step instructions for learning to use the gift you were born to learn. (Links to Barnes & Noble – book is priced at $23.62 – but it is also available at amazon at various prices.)

Tarot Cards

Though Tarot cards come in various shapes and sizes, one of the most simple decks to learn (because numerous instruction books abound for this brand) is the following: Rider-Waite Tarot Cards (available for under $15 at Amazon)

Astrology Books

Linda Goodman's Sun Signs (under $15 at Amazon) is a fun read for the novice astrologer. It was my first astrology book, and it entertained me, my family, and my friends for hours. Every time I met somebody new, I read about him or her and determined that the book was at least (according to my perception) 85% accurate.

The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need (available at Amazon for $12). The title is not completely accurate. If your paranormal lover decides to cast charts, this book will only serve as an introduction to the various elements of a chart. However, these days, chart casting programs create charts in seconds (compared to hand casting which can take up to an hour).

Astrology Software Programs

Why spend hours computing math in setting up a chart when software programs can cast the charts for you in a matter of seconds? For a fairly comprehensive list of software programs available for the budding astrologer, go to Find Astrologer. The program I use, TCR (Time Cycles Research), is listed on this site.

Ghost Books

True Ghost Story Books – "Ghosty Girl" Leslie Rule has written numerous true ghost stories. This link brings you to all of her books (between $10 & $15 each at Amazon).

(If you are interested in reading my interview with Leslie Rule, "Ghosty Girl," author of the books listed in the True Ghost Story Books section listed above, click her name.)

Ghost Hunting: True Stories of Unexplained Phenomena from The Atlantic Paranormal Society ($10.20 at Amazon). This book recounts stories of the group's favorite investigations. You can also watch them on one of my favorite television programs, Ghost Hunters.

UFO Books

If your paranormal family member is interested in UFO activity, read UFOs and the Alien Agenda ($26.50 at Amazon).

Another book that captured my attention in the early years, was Communion by Whitley Strieber. It was the first book I read about alien abduction. I found it years after my own alien encounter, which I detail in an article entitled, Aliens In My Life – True UFO Encounters.


Because so many paranormal movies exist, I won't list them separately. One of them isn't even out on DVD yet – Paranormal State. But who knows? By Christmas, it may already be on DVD.

Instead of listing various movies you might want to purchase, I went to lists of the top 50 scariest movies of all time. In my search I found that includes a variety of horror flicks, such as Arachnophobia, Dawn of the Dead, The Exorcist, Halloween, and The Thing, along with some surprising movies that wouldn't have made my list as one of the top 50 horror films. Check them out and see if you agree, then run over to amazon (my favorite inexpensive site), to purchase them.

If you find gifts not listed here that you think your paranormal lover would like to own, I invite you to add your own paranormal gift finds in the comments below.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Prophetic Dreaming

While dreams in and of themselves don't necessarily fall into the category of paranormal activity, prophetic dreams do.

Dreams take us into the deepest recesses of our souls where they expose our innermost thoughts in symbols and messages. If we remember them, we attempt to interpret them and hope to understand what those symbols and messages mean to us personally.

But what exactly is a prophetic dream?

A prophetic dream is a dream that enlightens you with information that will later be useful. If Aunt Hilda dies in your dream then later dies, you have just had a prophetic dream.

Does dreaming of death always indicate an actual death?

No, sometimes death in a dream means change – profound change, not just something as simple as a haircut, but something life altering, something that changes your life as you knew it into something completely different. Think of it this way – the old you has been replaced with a new you – the old you has died.

Prophetic dreams will usually awaken you. Of course, at the time you have them, you don't realize how prophetic they are, but if you write them down and include the date, you will understand the significance of the dream whether it was prophetic or not.

I have experienced numerous prophetic dreams and I write about them in the article, Can Dreams Foretell The Future? I invite you to click on the link.

In another article I wrote, entitled, Interpreting Your Dreams – Dream Interpretation, I give you the tools for learning how to interpret your dreams as well.

Sweet dreams!

Drawing from

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Paranormal Movies Box Office Hits

According to the weekend Box Office Hits for November 6-November 8 (listed on Script Mag website), the following movies are estimated to have brought in the following dollar amounts:

1. A Christmas Carol (2009)$30.1 M
2. Michael Jackson's This Is It$13.2 M
3. The Men Who Stare at Goats$12.7 M
4. The Fourth Kind$12.2 M
5. Paranormal Activity$8.3 M

Does this mean that paranormal activity (not the movie, but the activity itself) is actually becoming more acceptable to the general public, or is the general public just as frightened by paranormal happenings as they have been previously?

We are all intrigued by UFOs, aliens, apparitions, and paranormal activity. Whether we believe in them or not, we are still fascinated by the possibility that other beings are watching us and that unexplainable activity occurs with enough frequency for us to at least consider that we are not the only beings in this vast and never-ending universe.

The fact that you are reading this blog indicates that at the very least, you are curious.

Photos were borrowed from wikipedia.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Your Sixth Sense Can Help You "KNOW" Yourself & Live Your Dreams

Can you trust your dreams to provide answers to life's mysteries? Have you relied upon your own ESP to guide you, or do you believe that ESP or a sixth sense belongs only to psychics?

If you feel that you have no psychic abilities, you may wonder why others (some of them unscrupulous) seemingly have a gift that you were denied.

I'm here to tell you that, in all probability, you were born with the gift of extra sensory perception. BUT you might not be able to access the gift that some people refuse to acknowledge having.

I have more good news: everything you need to know about you is already a part of you – your ESP is just waiting to be excavated, examined, and utilized. Your sixth sense is intrinsic. What that means is that you were born with the ability to KNOW yourself, to know your wants, to know your needs, and to know the answers to every question you've ever asked.

So why look outside yourself for answers that lie within? In other words, why consult psychics to get answers you can unearth yourself – by using tried and true SUCCESSFUL exercises.

How? By connecting with your Higher Consciousness or your Higher Power (God) through meditative exercises that bring you closer to knowing who you really are.

Even more exciting is that you can also access that information through your dreams.

Before we delve into your dreams, though, try this exercise in developing your extra sensory perception – completely relax your body and your mind by putting yourself into a comfortable position. Completely focus – to the exclusion of everything else around you – on one question you want answered.

Better yet, read the master of ESP techniques, Harold Sherman. In his book, How To Make ESP Work For You (as of this date the book is still available through, Harold Sherman explains, step-by-step, his relaxation techniques. If you filter out the noise around you and focus on the exercises, you WILL find the answers you seek.

In my article, ESP Works – Harold Sherman Shows How, I explain how Mr. Sherman's techniques worked (and still work) for me. By practicing his methods of relaxation and by being receptive to images, thoughts, and sounds that enter your mind, you open yourself to the possibility that answers to questions you wanted to know were in your mind all along.

When I wanted to know about whether or not I should divorce my husband, for instance, I sought answers in a dream. For that, I "incubated" a dream, relying upon dream researcher Gayle Delaney (author of Living Your Dreams), for her expertise. By the third night, I had a dream that implied I should divorce my husband. Not wanting to base my decision on just one dream, I asked for more guidance. The following night I dreamed again that I should divorce my husband.

However, after the second dream revealed only a vague reference to divorce, frustration set in. I made this final plea: God, you know me. You know I need things spelled out in black and white. I'm not going to make such a major decision based on only these two dreams. I need YOU to tell me, in no uncertain terms, whether or not I should divorce my husband.

On the night of the third dream, my husband – in the dream – handed me a legal-sized document with these words boldly written in black and white across the top: "DECREE of DIVORCE."

You might think I hired an attorney right away. But I didn't. Eventually I did divorce him, but I always remembered my SPECIFIC question and the answer relayed in black and white. I received my answer in exactly the form I needed, in exactly the form I requested.

So here is one GIANT hint about getting answers to your questions. When you ask for a dream or for a sign, be specific in your intentions. If you use something as common as a butterfly for your sign, make sure you request a certain type of butterfly. One unambiguous question I asked pointed to this explicit answer, outlined in the article, Miracle on the Rock.

My dreams have helped me numerous times. They can help you too, if you can get into them. And you can by following the techniques of these two pioneering authors in ESP and dream research.

If you want more information about how to incubate a dream, click Interpreting Your Dreams –Dream Interpretation. Use whatever form of ESP you can find to access your subconscious and your superconscious. You'll never have to look outside yourself for answers to your most private questions, because they have been within you always.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Aliens & UFOs

Have you ever had a UFO experience or an alien encounter? I have. And I relate my experiences about those encounters in the article, Aliens In My Life – True UFO Encounters.

UFO and alien subjects raise eyebrows in people who don't believe in things they haven't seen, touched, smelled, heard, or tasted. Some people think that those of us who admit to having witnessed them must be crazy or misguided. I don't judge those people. Until they experience first-hand situations they can't understand, they won't believe in anything that can't be proven to them.

However, I do believe that some minds have opened somewhat in regard to UFO phenomena. Ever since the television show, The X-Files, and, more recently the movie by the same name, attention to UFOs and aliens has interested more than just people who claim to have been abducted by aliens (I'm not one of them) or who have experienced UFO phenomena. The FBI has case files (link provided in the above article) with pages of witnesses who attest to having seen UFO activity.

I saw the cover of the book above while wandering through a book store shortly after Communion was published in 1987. My reaction to seeing that picture was the catalyst for reminding me of my experience with aliens. I invite you to read Aliens In My Life – True UFO Encounters, because I'm still looking for people who witnessed what I saw in the early 1970's in a suburb of Chicago.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ghosty Girl Leslie Rule

Leslie Rule is a paranormal writer who just happens to be the daughter of one of my favorite crime authors, Ann Rule. Leslie crosses genres when she writes about ghosts who have been murdered. She writes about other ghosts too, but the fact that I have been reading her mother and just can't make sense of the criminal mind just makes Leslie's work all the more fascinating.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing her and posted the article HERE. If you have any interest in reading books about ghostly encounters, you will love her books. She doesn't just write about what she hears, she researches her subjects and introduces them to her readers. Her work is haunting and enjoyable.

The part that I enjoy the most though, is the thought that all those wicked, deceitful rapists and murderers may one day be exposed by the very people they killed. Talk about justice!

Please read the Leslie Rule interview and take advantage of the links provided in the article to read more in-depth synopses of her books.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Supernatural Chicago – Interview with a Necromancer

If the "Goosebumps" books had been around when I was a child, I would have read them voraciously. Anything of a paranormal, metaphysical, or other-worldly nature thrilled me then as it does now. I love that little tingle I get when I find myself on the edge of fear. So when I was given the opportunity to interview a necromancer, I leapt with – confusion – what the heck is a necromancer?

I looked it up and thought how intriguing and mystical it sounded. I imagined telling people I had met a necromancer and hearing them say, "Huh?"

Necromancer. Say it with me – necromancer. Yes I know. It sounds kind of romantic, like romancing the dead (also sounds like a movie for the making, doesn't it?) but doesn't it also sound alluring and interesting?

Want to know more about the necromancer? He is magical and he is mystical and his name is Neil Tobin. You can find him at the Excalibur in Chicago on Friday nights with his Supernatural Chicago show.

Intrigued? If you want to read more about Neil Tobin, necromancer, and you want more information on his performances, read my Interview with Necromancer Neil Tobin of Supernatural Chicago.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ghosts, Hauntings, and Spooky Stuff

A picture says it all, huh? Halloween is coming after all. But I would like to send you to my newest article, located somewhere in cyperspace awaiting your read. And haven't you always wondered what makes a house haunted anyway? Read

Just In Time For Halloween: What Makes a House Haunted?

I promise that this paranormal blog will include more than just ghosts, spirits, and hauntings. But I can't resist writing these kinds of blogs and articles when Halloween is next month!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Best Halloween Party Ever – A Ghost Hunt!

As I mentioned in my last blog, the tables are turning in the spirit world. Where once humans were afraid of hauntings, ghosts are now being hunted, and possibly haunted, by humans.

This time of the year is perfect for bringing forth spirits and I'm not talking about alcohol. Halloween is approaching and people are thinking witches and princesses, Spiderman and Pokemon. Little ones are looking forward to tricks and treats and older boos and ghouls will be costuming up for Halloween parties.

I'd like to suggest a slightly unusual party idea this year – how about holding a Halloween ghost hunting party? It's a little more expensive than your average Halloween party, but spooktacularly amazing.

Everything you need to set up your party from listening devices to video recorders is listed in this article: 13 Halloween Must-Haves For Ghost Hunters. Click the link and enjoy the hunt.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Are We Scaring The Ghosts?

Once upon a time in a tiny little apartment, a little girl ran out of her bedroom to tell her mother about the man in her closet. While the mother's first inclination was to grab her 2 year old and run out of the house, she knew she had to also save her other baby who was sleeping in that same room. With trepidation Mom entered the room and shakily opened the closet door to see – no one. *

Or was it somebody she couldn't see? That little girl was me, and I have had ghostly experiences ever since. I've noticed a new trend happening lately, though – instead of people cowering before ghosts, they are actually buying expensive equipment to track them. Some of these devices cost as much as a home did back in the 1960's.

To capture voices from beyond, ghost hunters use a technique known as Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP). While EVPs can cost a minimum of $30 - $40 for inexpensive tape recorders, with a little more investment, filtering programs can be purchased to enhance the sound of the recording.

Thermal imaging cameras, however, can cost upwards of $30,000. These cameras are reputed to capture images of the dead. Skeptics still question the validity of the interpretations made from these devices, but maybe someday somebody will invent a thermal imaging video camera that will capture murders in progress as if they were happening now.

Maybe one day cold case files will warm in the wake of thermal imaging techniques, and we will not only solve these old cases, but also prove the existence of an afterlife. Will the ghosts now be frightened of us?

* Click Dead Man Talking for more information.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Inaugural Paranormal Minds Blog

Welcome to my first paranormal blog.

As somebody who has experienced the paranormal on a personal level, I am no stranger to strange, so to speak. I've been visited by ghosts, though I prefer to call them spirits, and I have even been touched by one of them.

I recount some of those events in my Spirits of Ghosts – True Ghost Stories article. Click on the link and you can read about it.

In this blog I will take you to places you may have never been, to other paranormal blogs and web sites, and I will discuss two of my favorite paranormal television programs, Paranormal State and Ghost Adventures.

Anything even slightly other-worldly sparks my interest. Ever since I was a young girl, I was a fan of Twilight Zone. Rod Serling was an amazing story teller and I sat spellbound as he entertained me with imagination-tingling scenarios. As you might expect, I am also a fan of Medium, Supernatural, and Ghost Whisperer.

Throughout this blog I will explore the paranormal realm with you and introduce you to new paranormal discoveries along with exciting information. We will delve into anything even remotely connected to the paranormal, including dreams, ESP, astrology, and other occult subjects.

I invite your views on the paranormal and would like you to share your finds with me.

And before I go, I want to make one thing perfectly clear – I am a spiritual being living in a physical body. I do not worship the devil, nor do I practice black magick. I believe in Spirit, and I believe in God. But I also believe in your God, whether you call Him Allah or the Divine Spirit. I also believe we truly are one people and that religions and governments are divisive. So, yes, I will be opinionated, but I will always be mindful of my reader.

I absolutely will not tolerate any defamatory remarks made to anybody, nor will I tolerate any pornographic commentary.

And now onto why I chose the name for this particular blog: The Mind, a mechanism that thinks, feels, perceives, and organizes, is the playground for imagination. Paranormal is supernatural, out of the realm of normal. Put them together and you have a chemistry ripe for this blog – Paranormal Minds.