Friday, December 4, 2009

Scary Games!

Does this board frighten you? It does some people, so much so that even the thought of using one seems malevolent.

But Ouija boards are not the only boards that invite spirits to communicate with the living. Known as Spirit boards, Talking boards, and other names, they are merely communication devices that enable us to contact the other side.

After all, they are only games, right?

Well, then, what do you think about Angel boards? Are they better than Ouija boards? Does using an Angel board truly invite angelic beings into your home?


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  2. Hi Theresa,

    I believe the concept that these boards are intrinsically 'evil' is simply one of naiveté on the part of most people.

    You mention not wanting to call down 'Lucifer' in your previous post, but in esoteric circles Lucifer was the 'bringer of light' and was symbolised by the planet Venus as the morning star.

    Roman Christian leaders decided to make the concept of Lucifer a demon as he was associated with our physical experience of life, hence he must be responsible for all temptation. And the bible infers temptation is evil...but that ideal comes from reading the bible like a textbook, which it was never intended to be.

    I don't believe spiritual energy is necessarily evil or bad in the form experienced while playing the board games.

    The concept of Lucifer as the Devil is a man-made construct, and I suggest people do thier own research on the history of the bible!

    Write On!

    Curtis Chappell