Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nightmares and the Paranormal

While nightmares don't automatically appear under the category of Paranormal, one dream I had does. I relate the Nightmare While Awake: A True Paranormal Experience in my new blog Your Weird Dreams.

I invite you to click on the links to read about the dream. I would also like to invite you to submit your weird dreams to


- they may be edited for space, but if I think they are weird enough (see previous posts for the types of dreams I consider to be weird), they will make the blog.

You don't have to leave your name. You can remain anonymous. People may respond with their own interpretations, or you can leave your own.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why Don't Paranormal Investigators Use Kirlian Photography?

Kirlian photography is a method of photographing energy, making something typically invisible visible. As emotions between people become charged with different vibrations, the energy between them changes, and Kirlian photographers have caught the change and interchange of energy in Kirlian photographs.

While many skeptics claim that nothing at all can be proved with the Kirlian method, believers say that Kirlian photographs capture the energy emanating from the object being photographed. As I relate in my article, Kirlian Photography Shows Spirit Connections in Close Relationships, I wonder why paranormal investigators don't use Kirlian photography in their attempts to prove the existence of spirits. (In that article I link to another article about Kirlian Photography that discusses how the Kirlian method came about.)

It seems to me that if Kirlian photography showed the existence of spirits, paranormal investigators would include it as part of their investigative tools.

Kirlian photography is a subject that is more paranormal than it is metaphysical, and in my article Paranormal and Metaphysical: What's The Difference, I explain the distinction (or lack of distinction) between the two.

While metaphysics concerns itself with the more spiritual aspects of our existence, the paranormal is more concerned with the afterlife and has a "creepiness" factor that metaphysics doesn't. In other words, if you're thinking "ghost," you're thinking paranormal; if you're thinking "spirit," you're thinking metaphysical.

As I mention in the article posted above, paranormal falls under the umbrella of metaphysical, so Kirlian photography would be an interest both paranormal and metaphysical.  To learn more about Kirlian Photography, I've included a link to a book with the same name.