Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Have a Confession to Make

Associated Content is running a scary Halloween story contest. I entered with a Halloween story I had already written but had never published.

The contest called for a scary Halloween story of no more than 1,000 words. I had to cut the story down to 1,000 words. It now sits at exactly 1,000 words. Have I said 1,000 words enough?

The confession is this: while the Halloween story appears to be fictitious, it is, in fact, TRUE. What happened in A Halloween Paranormal Nightmare While Awake: Halloween Voices Won't Let You Sleep actually happened to me.

I invite you to read it and to comment on it. I don't know what will qualify for a winning entry, but I'm hoping mine will make it. It pays $100.

If you write for Associated Content, you have only a couple more days to enter your scary story. Let me know the url so I can read it.

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Haunting in Beverly – I DO Believe In Ghosts – I DO, I DO!

In the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago's south side, old, massive homes line some of the streets in a spooky Halloween-type setting where tree branches look as if they might reach out to grab unsuspecting motorists and plunge them into depths unknown. One of those homes on one of those streets belonged to my friend, Clare. Read more about this haunted house HERE.

Friday, October 1, 2010

What Do Spirits and Alcohol Have In Common?

You can call it alcohol, beer, wine, or even Happy Juice, but it all comes down to one thing – have enough of it and you will get drunk.

Have you ever thought about what happens to you when you drink too much? Other than getting a little "tipsy" or even slovenly drunk, does anything else happen to your body or to your mind? Maybe something you don't remember?

The article, Spirits and Alcohol, explores the possibility that people who ingest too much alcohol unknowingly invite spirits to enter their bodies and take control. Consider people who experience blackouts. This article explores one possibility to explain why people who drink too much alcohol can't remember what they did, what they said, or even where they were.

Maybe another reason exists to explain why alcohol is sometimes referred to as spirits. Read Spirits and Alcohol and see if you agree.