Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Prophetic Dreaming

While dreams in and of themselves don't necessarily fall into the category of paranormal activity, prophetic dreams do.

Dreams take us into the deepest recesses of our souls where they expose our innermost thoughts in symbols and messages. If we remember them, we attempt to interpret them and hope to understand what those symbols and messages mean to us personally.

But what exactly is a prophetic dream?

A prophetic dream is a dream that enlightens you with information that will later be useful. If Aunt Hilda dies in your dream then later dies, you have just had a prophetic dream.

Does dreaming of death always indicate an actual death?

No, sometimes death in a dream means change – profound change, not just something as simple as a haircut, but something life altering, something that changes your life as you knew it into something completely different. Think of it this way – the old you has been replaced with a new you – the old you has died.

Prophetic dreams will usually awaken you. Of course, at the time you have them, you don't realize how prophetic they are, but if you write them down and include the date, you will understand the significance of the dream whether it was prophetic or not.

I have experienced numerous prophetic dreams and I write about them in the article, Can Dreams Foretell The Future? I invite you to click on the link.

In another article I wrote, entitled, Interpreting Your Dreams – Dream Interpretation, I give you the tools for learning how to interpret your dreams as well.

Sweet dreams!

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