Monday, November 1, 2010

Interviewing the Dead

Have you ever wondered how an interview with a dead rock star might read? The innovative staff at Xomba joined forces with  Filter Magazine to create an imaginative contest in which the instructions were to interview a deceased musician. How could I resist?

I chose Jim Morrison, because, well, because he is dead. I might have chosen John Lennon, but I had just written an article about him on Associated Content Commemorating John Lennon's 70th Birthday, October 9, 2010. Click to read if you want.

So I chose Jim Morrison, mostly because I am familiar with him through James Riordan's book about him, Break on Through. Jim is a personal friend of mine, and he has a very engaging style of writing. Also, I'm proud to say that Oliver Stone used Jim's book when he directed the movie, The Doors.

So here it is – the point of this blog – my

Interview with Dead Rock Star Jim Morrison of the Doors (just click the link and you will be instantaneously connected to the afterlife).



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