Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ghost Hunters Engage in Paranormal Challenge with the Ghost Adventures Crew

A Ghost Adventures competition!

Ghost Adventures is looking for YOUR ghost hunting experience! If you have experience hunting ghosts and would like to join Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin at Ghost Adventures, compete to win!

Teams MUST BE EXPERIENCED in investigation. According to Zak Bagans, if you're interested in "credibility, honor, and respect" and the "ultimate in bragging rights" in the ghost hunting arena, you'll want to compete in this Ghost Adventures competition. Casting directors are looking for you NOW.

What your team should include:
Lead Investigator
Equipment Tech

Send your team bio to

Paranormal Challenge's first season begins June 17th on the Travel Channel.

While Ghost Adventures is currently nationwide, talk of going international is circulating. Maybe we'll soon be able to roam the halls of old castles in England in search of haunted spirits!

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  1. Hello,

    My team is actually going to be on the 4th episode of season 1 from Ohio State Reformatory.
    Paranormal Challenge is not actually directly tied to GA and does not involve Aaron and Nick. It is Zak's own solo project. Definetly worth it for any groups out there who are thinking of signing up to audition. We had an absolutely awesome time. Good luck to all!

    Chris (Steel Town Paranormal)

  2. Looking to partner up with another investagater to audistion for the new show i have convadence and some expierence and skills want to compete and become the next show competator but not without you? please contact me for coraspondence and maybe we can team up and ghost hunt and become the next level of paranormal investagations scincerly Troy Ridgeway

  3. looking for a ghost buddy but with some Dynamics? to audistion for the new paranormal Challange show contact me as the spirts would and maybe we can partner up and become good friends and Rule the next level of Paranormal investatgations Troy

  4. Looking for two team members who need an expert EVP translator. I am blessed (or cursed, maybe) with hyperacuity. The first time I realized I could hear better than most was when I was maybe 8 years old and having a physical. Since this was in the dark ages (lol!) the way my doctor tested my hearing was to put his wind-up watch (no digitals back then) next to my ear and then keep walking further away. When he got to the door of the exam room, I could still hear the watch. Of course he accused me of lying. Humpf. (I don't have a problem with loud noises as in hyperacusis.) When I worked as a transcriber with tape machine and earphones, I could hear and decipher what was being said, even if there were additional voices on the tape. On medical reports, I was the go-to person because I was able to "translate" the foreign doctors...kind of bypassing the accent and hearing what they were attempting to say. After I moved to Colorado, I volunteered with a ghost-hunting group as their EVP specialist. Also, when listening to other paranormal TV programs, I often hear what is actually being said rather than what the investigators "think" it is. To me, it is extremely clear.

    In any event, I now live in Seattle, WA and am looking for an opportunity to appear on Paranormal Challenge with two others. I am 57 years old, still have extremely awesome hearing (even my docs are shocked). I think I'd be a great addition to a team.

    Plus, I am extremely gregarious and fun (not a fuddy-duddy). I do NOT feel 58 years old.



  5. Deb, please geel free me. in Olympia WA. and am.also.interested in assembling a team. I have extensive experience and some very strong abilities.

  6. How do you get on the show? Someone help........