Thursday, June 16, 2011

Regressive Hypnosis and Your Past Lives

Imagine reclining in a chair, fully relaxed. You open your eyes and what you see before you is a room you don't recognize. You no longer sit in the recliner. You stand in the room of a house you've never seen before. Or have you? This house looks as if it stepped right out of the 19th Century.

As you walk through the rooms, you note a sense of familiarity but you can't articulate why these rooms feel familiar. The furniture is so old, you reason that you must be in an antique shop.

You walk toward a long oval mirror and look into it. The reflection is not yours. You move your arms to test the image. The arms move along with you. And yet something about this house, about you, resonates with you.

You hear a voice in the distance. You're not sure you want to leave. You have rooms to explore and questions to answer. But the voice calls to you.

Three. Two. One.

You are now fully awake, back in the recliner. For a moment you feel as if you may have visited the Twilight Zone. But no. You sit in the office of a therapist who has successfully hypnotized you. The procedure you've just experienced is called Regressive Hypnosis and you have just returned from your past life. Read more about Regressive Hypnosis by clicking the link.

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