Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Why Do Spirits Whisper?

Did you ever notice that voices captured on EVP equipment during shows like Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, and other ghost hunting programs are more like whispers than actual voices? Could it be because ghosts don't have voice boxes?

The answer seems logical, if one can be logical about ghosts. After all, without a voice box, one cannot have a voice, so if spirits are trying to contact the living, forming words without voice boxes must cause only a whisper to form.

But how much more difficult must conversing be when you consider that spirits don't have tongues or lips to form their words either?

I've had a few ghostly encounters in my life, and in one of those encounters a spirit actually whispered to me. If you're curious about my spirit encounters, I encourage you to read True Ghost Stories

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  1. This is really interesting to know about spirit.These things jazzing up your blog.
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  2. They DO whisper--you are so right and this is the best explanation for it. I always thought they did it just to be creepy and not heard by anyone else.