Thursday, July 18, 2013

My Past Life or Is it?

Sexy – Snobby – Handsome

Recently I attended a psychic luncheon with my oldest daughter, one of my best friends, and several of my friend's friends. When the psychic grabbed my hands, her eyes grew wide and she let out a small gasp. "You were an actress in your former life! And a very loved one." 

But she didn't tell me which actress I had been. And I didn't want to know, because I wanted to go home and research loved actresses who died before I was born. I reasoned that in those days, "loved" actresses must have been small in number, because today so many of them are members of the Actors Guild that we would need an encyclopedia to list them all. Also back "in the old days" movies were fairly new.

So I decided to find out for myself which actress I might have been. Wikipedia lists all of the actresses, so I checked out those who died before I was born. Here's the list with an explanation about how I feel a connection to all of them in one way or another (note the small number of actresses who died prior to my birth): 

Renée Adorée, also known as Jeanne de la Fonte (She was French. I am part French.)

Agnes Ayres (She was born near Chicago; I was born in Chicago.)

Alice Brady (Though she is not the Alice Brady from the Brady Bunch, I did watch the Brady Bunch.)

Marguerite Clark (My mother's name is Marguerite. Marguerite died of pneumonia. I had pneumonia once.)

Marguerite De La Motte (Again – the name and the French connection.)

Marie Dressler (I worked with a guy whose last name was Dressler.)

Marie Prévost (She gained weight. I have gained weight.)

Zelda Fitzgerald (When I was at Northern Illinois University, Robert Zemeckis lived on the same floor as my ex did – one of the girls there went by the name, Zelda, which was not her real name.)

Jean Harlow (I used to go to a cocktail lounge on the southwest side of Chicago, called Harlow's – in honor on Jean Harlow – I sat at a table with the band, Styx, because I was dating JY's brother.)

Carole Lombard (She and I share the same small shoe size.)

Grace Moore (I know a bunch of people whose last name is Moore.)

Florence Nash (I listened to Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.)

Mabel Normand (I don't like the name Mabel.)

Pearl White (I once met Pearl Bailey in a train station.)

After narrowing the list of potential actresses I might have been, I have decided I must have been either Jean Harlow or Carole Lombard, but only because my psychic said I was loved in my former life and those two are the only two I'd ever heard about.

After looking at their biographies, I've decided I must have been Carole Lombard. Why? Carole was in the entertainment industry. I pretend I am in the entertainment field. Pretending is very much like acting, so we have that in common.

Carole had tiny feet. I have tiny feet. Carole was married to Clark Gable. I did research on Clark Gable for a play that a former friend wanted to write with me many decades ago when people cared about Clark Gable. Carole had lots of "presence." I tried that once, too. You can read about that here: How to Have PRESENCE.

And there you have it. I must be the reincarnation of Carole Lombard. Or – if people are reincarnated 9 months after they die, perhaps I was Al Jolson. Then again, the psychic did say actress.

If you believe in reincarnation, during what time periods do you think you lived? What kind of lives did you lead? Who were you?

The snobby looking one in the middle is me, by the way, so that is what Carole would look like at twice her age and in a different body.

Sources and Photos:
Photo of Carole Lombard is located HERE.

Photo of Al Jolson, who died October, 1950, is from Wikimedia Commons

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