Friday, January 28, 2011


She awoke one night and turned to look at the clock. The time read 1:05. The following night, she fell asleep and awoke once again. And again, the clock read 1:05.

Thinking it was just a coincidence, she fell back to sleep. But the following night the same thing happened again. And it happened again and it happened again.

What was the significance of that particular time? She was not born at 1:05 AM. Would 1:05 possibly indicate the time at which she would die at some point in the future?

Did 1:05 offer any numerological significance? Together the numbers added up to 6. According to spiritual numerology, the number 6 "is the most loving of all numbers."

Was the Universe trying to tell her she was loving, or was it trying to tell her to be more loving?

What else could she learn from the number 6?

Well, according to spiritual numerology, one who has the number 6 in her chart is "compassionate, responsible, sacrificing and unselfish, harmonious and balanced, generous, kind, humble, charismatic and charming...also committed, protective, nurturing, domestic, community conscious and family oriented."

Well, either the Universe was telling her she already had all of those qualities, or the Universe was telling her to adopt all of those qualities.

Or the Universe was telling her to change the batteries in her clock.

Turns out she needed to change the batteries in her clock.

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