Monday, January 10, 2011

White House Selling Ghosts – CHEAP

Wanna buy a ghost? Who wouldn't, right? Imagine having your very own ghost! You could experience your very own haunting every night!

Like the movies, Casper and Beetle Juice, you could invite guests to party with you and your ghost. What fun! I can already hear you shouting, "Tell me more!"

Patience, readers. I will.

Here goes: you can BUY a ghost – CHEAP – from THE WHITE HOUSE! The WHITE HOUSE is selling ghosts! Unbelievable, right?

I'm not kidding. I read about it in an ad. It's IN PRINT – The White House, of all places, is SELLING GHOSTS!

After the headline, "White House Ghosts: Cheap," what appears next is their hook to get you to buy one – "Everyone Wants to Pay a Low Price."

Well, I can't argue with that. Of course everyone wants to pay a low price. Who wants to pay too much for a ghost? The ad further states that you can get the "Best Value for White House Ghosts!"

So, how does it work? Do I get to choose which White House ghost I want? I wonder who costs more, George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. Both are highly esteemed. I'll bet Millard Fillmore doesn't cost much. Most people don't even remember him when they mention dead Presidents.

John F. Kennedy might be a great ghost to have around the house. And Thomas Jefferson would certainly be interesting. I'd love to have a conversation with either one of them. But they would probably cost too much. I would want one, though. I think.

Wouldn't you?

But then you'd have to have the right equipment to communicate with them, because maybe your ESP isn't up to par.

No problem. I wrote an article about the types of equipment you'll need to start your own ghost-hunting process (link is below).

Look at it this way – you won't have to search for ghosts – they'll be delivered right to your door. Just check out this ad:

And if you don't already have ghost-listening devices around your home, click HERE.

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