Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shared Dreams

Dreams have always fascinated me. Though they sometimes distort "reality," they often feel as real as wakefulness.

Over the years I've wondered: when we sleep and when we dream, do others who are sleeping and dreaming, enter our dreams and experience the same dreams we are having, but from their own perspectives? Do others have access to our dreams through some dream portal?

When my oldest daughter, Keeley, was 2 years old, she walked into my bedroom and asked me why I was dreaming about bears. Never one to talk in my sleep,  I wondered how she could know I had been having a nightmare about bears.

Perhaps the strangest experience I've heard, as concerns dreams, happened to a friend of mine and her sister. Unbeknown to each other, they had shared the same dream. Repeatedly. Though they never discussed the dream with each other, on separate occasions, they related their ongoing and frightening nightmare to me.

This dream experience is probably the most fascinating shared dream I've ever heard. I invite you to read When You Dream The Same Dream As Somebody Else.

I would also appreciate hearing about your own unusual dream experiences. Reach me here:

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