Monday, September 21, 2015

Runes for Divination

One of my dearest friends, Katherine, believed in the power of Runes. She felt that by unlocking the secrets held within the stones, she could divine (predict) what the Runes were trying to tell her. 

Our journey through the occult began when we were each very young. I didn’t meet Katherine until we were both pregnant with one of our children. Initially I taught Katherine how to cast astrology charts by hand (before computer programs made astrology programs much easier), but her interest in the occult went far beyond where I had taken her. We both cast astrology charts and read the Tarot, but Katherine immersed herself in the Tarot and had so many clients, she was able to quit her full-time job. 

She also taught me about Runes. When Katherine told me about Runes, I decided to purchase some. I liked the way they felt in my hands, I liked their smoothness, and I liked the symbols that appeared on them, but try as I did, I couldn’t get them to reveal to me their secrets.

Inscribed with ancient letters, each rune vibrates to a different frequency and the placement of them when thrown down reveals patterns that rune readers interpret. 

My dear friend died nearly eight years ago. I think of her often, most recently when I came across information about Runes in the blog I’m about to reveal, so if you want to know more about Runes or even purchase some for yourself, you’ll find them by clicking on How to Use Rune Stones or by clicking on the photo above, which comes from Blue Dragon Creations

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