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Are You Psychic?

You awaken from a dream that warns you of a trip you are about to take. Your daughter calls to inform you that she, too, has an eerie feeling about the trip. Though your spouse doesn't believe in dreams or in premonitions, he tells you that he feels uncomfortable about leaving too, though he doesn't understand why. You decide not to go and later discover that the day you were to arrive, an earthquake tore apart the hotel in which you were to stay.  

On another occasion, as you are driving south down a road next to a truck, which has been blocking your eastern view for a couple of blocks, you approach a red light. When it turns green, something tells you that, even though the light is green and the truck that was to your right is already turning, you should wait before you proceed. 

As you creep slowly forward, you question your reasons for doing so because the light in front of you is clearly green. In that moment a car races around the truck at high speed going west through a red light – directly in front of you. Had you not listened to that inner voice, you would be badly hurt – or dead.

Stories abound with people who avoided disaster because their plans changed at the last minute due either to circumstances beyond their control or because something didn't feel right. Listening to that inner voice has saved many people from enduring pain or loss. 

I am one of those people – the truck incident mentioned above actually happened to me, as did the following story:

Rarely were my children and I able to take vacations, but one weekend I decided to take them to Great America. Before we left, I awoke with a feeling of dread. Something told me to postpone the trip, but I ignored that little voice. One of my daughter's friends came over before we left and begged us not to leave, because she had had a bad dream about our trip.

Another friend called to ask us to stay home as well. Despite all the warnings, though, I decided to go anyway. We hadn’t gone on any vacation of any kind – ever – and I was determined that we would arrive safely, so I deliberately drove slowing and carefully. Numerous drivers sped past us so fast I felt as if we were sitting still on the expressway most of the time. I didn't care. The warnings were ever-present in my mind.

Though I took great care to drive safely, that feeling of dread continued the closer I got to Great America.

My children and I, along with one of my son's friends, had witnessed several accidents along the way, and I thanked God we weren't in any of them. Just as we arrived at the cloverleaf of the expressway that would take us to Great America, where the ferris wheel was clearly visible, the car in front of me came to a screeching halt. Unbeknownst to me the car in front of that driver had come to a screeching halt as well, because the car in front of that driver had slammed on his brakes to avoid hitting the car in front of him.

All along the cloverleaf were a series of accidents, one behind the other. As a police officer later explained, I was the last car in a series of five accidents. After we got to the hospital, we discovered that two more accidents had occurred behind us. Nobody was badly hurt, but my car was completely demolished. 

As in the case above, psychic feelings sometimes make no sense before they occur. It may not be until later that the person experiencing the feeling discovers the results of following (or not following) her intuition. 

When my oldest daughter was a toddler, for instance, I had a strong sense that somebody was trying to take her from me. From the babysitter to my mother, everybody knew not to let her out of sight. In the early 1970s, long before Adam Walsh was kidnapped from a shopping mall (and later murdered), the feeling that my daughter was going to be taken from me was so strong, I took every precaution to prevent losing her.

Several years later I discovered from a former sister-in-law that my ex-husband and his wife were going to court during that time to try to get custody of her. 

Though I haven’t always acknowledged my intuitive feelings, over time I have learned to pay attention to it.

How many times have YOU had that little voice speak to you and not paid attention to it? That feeling, that intuition, that sense that something is about to occur should never be ignored. Something that lies outside of our three dimensional world is trying to communicate with us. Something that lies within you is trying to communicate with you. Through psychic phenomena, secrets reveal themselves to us when we pay attention.

From fortune tellers gazing into crystal balls to séances held in darkened rooms, "psychic" phenomena is shrouded in mystery, but only because it reaches beyond the five physical senses. We tend not to believe things we cannot see, hear, feel, touch, or taste. Our perception of psychics is warped by the media portraying them as eccentric old ladies who predict futures while draped in veils as they collect money with greedy hands.

But we are all psychic, and we are all capable of predicting our own futures. We just need to understand what being psychic means.

The word, psychic, comes from the Greek word, psychikos, meaning "of the soul," and it relates to psyche, also meaning of the soul. According to Merriam-Webster, the term, psychic, is "marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding." Also, "lying outside the sphere of physical science or knowledge: immaterial, moral, or spiritual in origin or force."

What that means is that psychic experiences, when they happen, cannot be easily explained through any physical science. They lie outside the boundaries of scientifically proven evidence. How does one prove dreams exist, after all? Scientists can prove THAT people dream because they can measure REM (rapid eye movement), but they don't understand WHY images appear in dreams or IF they are significant in meaning.

Psychics are often termed, "sensitives," because people who are highly sensitive are more likely to experience psychic phenomena than people who are less sensitive. Psychic phenomena reveals itself in a number of ways. Besides feelings of dread, many people awaken from prophetic dreams with curiosity, and many people react physically to their feelings. Some may become hyper-alert. Others become confused or nervous.

One morning as my sister and I were getting ready to go on a canoe trip with one of my friends, I kept dropping things. Normally clumsy, this particular morning, I was dramatically worse. No matter what I picked up, it managed to find its way to the floor. I was shaky and nervous for no apparent reason. I commented to my sister that something very weird was happening to me, something I couldn't explain, and I was a little nervous about taking the canoe trip, because I felt the clumsiness was somehow connected. 

My sister said that maybe my uncomfortable feelings were related to her feelings that something was a little off-kilter – she felt uncomfortable about going on a canoe that day as well.

When my friend arrived, the first words out of her mouth were, "We are NOT going canoeing today." She had been having psychic feelings all morning about the trip and when we combined my unexplainable physical clumsiness to my sister's bad feeling about the canoe trip with my friend's feeling that something was going to go disastrously wrong, we changed our plans.

In situations like the one just mentioned, we may never know if the Kankakee River would have swallowed us in an undertow or if nothing would have happened, but unlike the trip to Great America, we listened to that inner voice and decided not to go. We trusted our instincts.

Can you trust your intuition? If you can relate to any of the above stories, or if you have had premonitions, prophetic dreams, or an inner "knowing" about something you couldn't explain scientifically, you have probably experienced psychic phenomena.

My own personal belief is that everybody is psychic; some people have just developed theirs further than others. But developing psychic ability is similar to exercising a muscle, and you can develop your psychic powers by practicing techniques that will enable you to become more psychic. 

To learn more about developing your psychic abilities, please read ESP Works – Harold Sherman Shows How.

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  1. I had an uncle who was always able to predict people's deaths---and he was usually accurate, which is pretty creepy seeing as he predicted his own death day. I have had numerous experiences of hearing that little inner voice warn me not to do certain things, and the voice is always right. Last time I didn't listen to the inner warning bells, I got into a bad accident and totaled my car ( I saw it happen in my head hours before but ignored it and then it happened exactly that way). Usually though it's just a bunch of little things---I can predict the next song I know we will hear on the radio: I can finish the sentences of others (that always freaks them out, ha-ha) and nine times out of ten I get a weird vibe when I know someone is about to drop in on me at home---whether it is a regular visitor or someone I haven't seen in years. The down side is I have a healthy fear of planes and see myself dying on one over and over….which is why I never fly.