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UFO Sighting

From the Magical Mysteries Collection, published in the Daily Journal and later published on Yahoo Contributor Network, August 11, 2008. Then republished on and removed from Persona Paper. FBI link updated at end.

In the early 1970's I stood on a balcony with several residents of the apartment complex where I lived, all of us transfixed because of what we were witnessing in the sky. We couldn't determine the exact location of the disks that lit the sky, but a few years later, when I met a woman who would become one of my dearest and best friends, I discovered that the disks were hovering above River Oaks Mall in Calumet City, Illinois. She had seen them, too. According to my friend, people actually stepped out of their vehicles to look at them. The local newspaper, she said, wrote about the sighting.

Years later, when I decided to research the event, I contacted the local library, police stations, and newspapers. Nobody found any mention of UFOs anywhere. Had it not been for my friend, I might have thought I had imagined the whole scenario.

Across the globe, police departments receive calls reporting mysterious unexplained lights in the sky. Famous sightings, such as those at Roswell, New Mexico (Area 51), have received a lot of attention over the years, especially due to the coverage television programs give them, including the old popular TV Series, The X-Files. Government denial appears to play a huge role in UFO activities. Plug the words, "UFO" or "unidentified flying object" into the FBI's website and you will net one link, a link to nowhere, or perhaps it is a picture of a black hole. (*See below for update.)

For years, the public has wondered if the government has been covering up UFO-related information. But how valid is that reasoning? If numerous people have seen UFOs and the government denies their existence, one of four things may be happening: Those of us who have seen UFOs are crazy, UFOs don't exist and the public is hallucinating, the government knows what they are - IDENTIFIED flying objects, or the government doesn't know what they are and doesn't want to admit their ignorance to the general public.

From the cover of the book, "Communion."
When I saw this depiction, I stopped dead in my tracks.
It looked eerily familiar.
 If you read any of the two links I posted below,
you'll understand why.

But if the government does know about them, maybe it has a good reason for not divulging information to us about UFO activity. Take the information we received one year about an asteroid hitting the earth sometime between 2014 and 2088. What if we were told it was positively going to obliterate us next month? If the asteroid hit an area the width of the entire United States, would we all make a mass exodus to the other side of the planet? And what if the scientists were off by several hours? Sorry, folks, we were eight hours off - go back.

In comparison to the rest of the infinite Universe, Earth is infinitesimally small. The likelihood that life exists elsewhere is possible. The "beings" are probably not human-like, but they may be technologically more advanced than we are. People report alien abductions, but can prove nothing. Aliens will always be credited with mass extinction and cannibalism. I prefer to believe they are like the good guys depicted in the old movie, "The Day the Earth Stood Still."

*UPDATE: Visit this FBI link – all kinds of UFO-related material now appears on the FBI site, though much of it is blocked out. 

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