Monday, February 2, 2015

Aliens Visited Me

In 1972 I was diagnosed with a precancerous cervical condition. Back then, what today takes only one day as an outpatient, took 3 days in the hospital as I recovered from a D&C and a conal biopsy. At home, lying face down on my black and white striped fur couch (1970s, remember), I opened my eyes and peered into the kitchen where I saw what looked like two bug-like humans with skinny bodies and very large eyes. I wasn't frightened by them, though. I was merely curious. I was also mesmerized by them, so I just kept staring at them. 

They kept staring at me, possibly communicating with each other about me through some sort of language I couldn't hear. I had never seen creatures like the ones that stood in my kitchen, and believing that I must be dreaming, I closed my eyes. But every time I opened my eyes, the creatures were still there, leaning against the counter in my kitchen, still staring at me. I must have fallen asleep eventually, though, because one of the times I awoke, they were gone.

As usually happens when one is drugged with pain medication, I forgot about the experience – until years later, when in 1988, I saw, sitting on a shelf at Barnes and Noble, a book entitled, "Communion," written by Whitley Strieber. The instantaneous shock of seeing that picture on the cover of that book brought me back to the apartment where I had lived many years before. Suddenly I remembered what had to have been an alien visitation. How else could I describe something I’d never seen before but which appeared in front of me on the book shelf and instantly brought me back in time to the event that took place in my apartment?

Over the years I’ve read about alien abductions and some of the abductees report having had surgical operations performed on them by aliens. I had just had surgery. Was it possible that they were curious about how humans performed surgery? I don’t remember ever having been examined, though. All I remember is lying on the couch and looking at them as they looked at me.
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