Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Solving Crimes with Psychic Abilities

In my recent Xomba article, Could Psychic Abilities Help Solve Crime? I discuss the television program, Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal, where children have been used to help solve crimes.

As a result of that article, a discussion ensued about the ethics in using children to help solve crimes. Some who commented were upset that anyone would subject a child to the trauma of experiencing a murder.

The problem with that reasoning, at least as it concerns the program, is that the children who appear on Psychic Kids already experience trauma every time they "hear" or "see" spirits.

To suggest recruiting kids for psychic experimentation (based on some of the comments) is so unethical, it never entered my mind, when I wrote the article, to consider the possibility that anyone would think I was condoning recruitment of kids for immoral purposes. a

And yet, don't some other countries recruit small children for warfare?

(I have to interrupt my own blog to ask – has our world lost its collective conscience? And yes, I can already hear the arguments against "collective conscience" arising, since the common terminology is "collective consciousness".)

Forget collective conscience – haven't adults been abusing children for their own purposes and pleasure for centuries? Everything from sex slaves and pornography to recruiting children to fight battles about which children know nothing, smacks of abuse in its most primitive form – in other words, people who lack a conscience abuse others because they haven't developed the spiritual, emotional, or intellectual aspects required of moral, ethical, and conscientious individuals.

From my perspective, Psychic Kids is not hurting these children by exposing them to crime scenes; Psychic Kids is HELPING these children who are already frightened by their psychic gifts. Chip Coffey, Edy Nathan, Chris Fleming, and Kim Russo, who appear on the show with the children, genuinely care about kids who suffer from the onslaught of images and sounds that enter their rooms and reek havoc on their minds.

These kids don't understand their psychic gifts, and the producers of Psychic Kids help them, not only understand their psychic gifts, but also utilize those psychic gifts for good.

And the "good" part is helping parents locate missing children, letting loved ones know where their sons or daughters, fathers or mothers, husbands or wives, friends or coworkers, might be buried. Not only do these children learn how to use their gifts to benefit others, but also they gain a sense of purpose. And one of the best side effects of learning how to deal with their gifts is an added sense of self esteem and worth.

When you combine psychic ability with DNA evidence, you can't help but wonder if psychic abilities would help law enforcement solve crime. And what about the mountains of cold case files that sit on detectives' desks – could psychic abilities help solve those crimes? Absolutely.

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