Monday, December 20, 2010

Imagine You Are Dead

Imagine that you are dead and that you died after having been murdered. Your spirit leaves your body and hovers above it. Your murderer, the person who killed you, washes his hands in your kitchen sink and runs tape across the carpet to pick up any fibers that might have been left behind had he not been so meticulous. He cleans the counters, the sink, and the floor with bleach.

You run to your neighbor to tell her to call the police. She ignores you. You pick up the phone to call your mother, but your hand has no mass and you can't hold the phone. Suddenly people fill your home and you try to tell them who killed you, but nobody can hear you.

And then one day, a young woman comes into your home. She not only sees you – she hears you. But not clearly. Your voice is muffled and soft because you no longer have vocal cords. She receives images from you and a picture of the man who murdered you. The artist draws a nearly perfect rendition.

The drawing is shown on television newscasts throughout the nation, and somebody calls in with a name. The man's DNA has appeared in the database before because of previous crimes. You helped to catch your own killer.

In the article, Could Psychic Abilities Help Solve Crimes? I discuss the possibility that DNA evidence, along with messages from beyond, could help murder victims solve their own crimes. I invite your comments.

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