Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Looking for Ghosts? Here’s Everything You’ll Need to Visit the Spirit World!

Has anybody ever asked you what you want to be when you grow up? If your answer has always been, “ghost hunter,” you’ve come across the right blog. Because in this blog I’ll introduce you to GHOST HUNTING EQUIPMENT (a PCH Search Engine site), Ghost Hunting Tools, and Ghost Hunting Gear.  Just click the links and you’ll head directly to each web site that sells them.

Sometimes costly, sometimes inexpensive, the challenge of hearing voices from the afterworld requires technical expertise and good listening skills. Voice (digital) recorders with microphones pick up EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) but hearing what is being recorded is sometimes difficult to decipher.

EMF readers detect fluctuations in the electromagnetic field. If nothing human is causing the EMF to spike, something that ond3 has been human could be the culprit – or something inhuman could cause the EMF meter to move. More on that later.

One fun little gadget, used by the Ghost Adventures crew, is the Spirt Box SB7. You can find one at GhostStop for Spirit Box SB7

Guess what else you can use to detect ghosts?

Ghost Hunting Apps!  Yes, “there’s an app for that!” You can also FIND APPS HERE, HERE (Ghost Hunters Multi-Meter 5 Tools, 1 App for Android), And HERE (Forbes)

Because you never know what type of spirit will take advantage of your desire to connect with him or her, you must take precautions to protect yourself. Prayer, cleansing ceremonies, or even just a simple callout to your guardian angel will help, as long as you’re sincere in your request to be protected. Though you might not believe that a spirit can possess your body, why take chances, especially if you’re young?

If you’re a teenager, you are not yet fully developed physically, psychologically, mentally, or spiritually to undergo this type of research. Take heed to what I’m saying – if you’ve ever seen The Exorcist and researched the actual child the movie was based on, you’ll know that he dabbled in spirit communications via the ouija board and he invited those spirits into his home. Because he was a young man and therefore vulnerable, the spirits invaded his body and took over his entire being. 

So my words of caution are to be safe and to have fun! Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up with your own television show!

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photo of the Spirit Box SB7 comes from GhostShop

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  1. This is fascinating! I've heard of the ghost app before, too. My son used to want to be a ghost hunter but later changed how mind after watching some pretty creepy shows about it. I'm interested, but only from a safe distance.