Monday, September 1, 2014

God's Favorite Little Soap Opera

A missing $20 bill suddenly appears in exactly the spot I had searched only hours before. Though I can't account for the reason the money was not there the last time I looked, I have to agree (with myself) that I must be experiencing blackouts (without the aid of drugs or alcohol) or that my mind enjoys confusing me.

Either I keep having paranormal experiences, or I am becoming adept at placing items all over the house and then sabotaging myself by not remembering where I place them. When the items suddenly show up in the most obvious places, I resign myself to the fact that I have probably placed the item in that spot myself but have forgotten that I moved it.

The soundtrack of my life plays like a movie that skips forward, then backward, but forgets to fill in the gaps. The trailer would show me endlessly searching for missing items and finding them in the strangest of places - in obvious places - in places I had already searched - in places where they belong. I'm beginning to believe that all of my belongings wear invisible masks and that they play hide and seek with me - without my permission.

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