Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lennon and McCartney – What Does Astrology Say About Their Relationship?

How did two dynamic personalities come together to create one of the biggest sensations in history? If you are as curious about what astrology has to say about the relationship between John Lennon and Paul McCartney as I was, please continue.

What you are about to read may fascinate you as much as it did me. Here are the results of composite natal charts I created, drawing upon the expertise of Time Cycles Astrology. I invite you to peek into the lives of two of our most inspiring musical artists (text is taken verbatim from the writers of Time Cycles Astrology programs – note that the composite writers mention the Beatles in one area):

    Barring any undue affliction elsewhere, this can be one of the most expansive, creative, fun-loving relationships. It has warmth, breadth, and depth, though others may find it a trifle hard to keep up with at times. When either partner is at a loss for energy or inspiration, the partnership itself will be the well at which to refill with the waters of life. Conversely, however, nobody can party all the time and so you both may need a respite. This is the kind of relationship to which others look for leadership — if you’re having such a good time, you must know what you’re doing! It will be important to receive such attention with genuine modesty, because you may have it right. But you may also not have analyzed exactly how you do it and would be put into a bind if put on the spot. This relationship is likely to have good staying power and will rebound from the collisions of everyday life. Where you may have to step outside of the relationship, you have to play second fiddle to others, as the nature of this relationship is playing it your way, and you will be less happy and less effective doing it otherwise.

    This relationship has great potential power and intensity, but it is mixed with a special type of reserve and reticence that requires understanding in order for it to live up to its emotional potential. Above all, the way in which you react to situations is a mainstay of your power over others and each other, which makes it an area of great concern and of possible insecurity. Because you feel that much is at stake in the way you respond, you may withhold communication or commitment in order to play for a better position. This only serves to isolate and to build up emotion that needs a free channel to flow through, so you may be well-advised to be a little freer and be willing to take risks. Once cemented, however, your relationship will likely be long-lasting and deep, akin to comrades who have endured many battles together. In this respect, you will feel a passionate comradeship that in a physical relationship makes for greatly heightened sexuality and in everyday affairs produces do-or-die loyalty akin to none other. No danger is greater than that of betrayal, real or perceived, and the memory of such can linger on forever and poison a relationship or your mutual relationships with others. It is a good idea to remember that we all betray each other’s trust at some time because of our innate human frailty and your greatest challenge will be to sort this out and be forgiving at every possible turn. By doing so, you allow yourselves, without remorse, to plumb ever deeper the still waters of your beings, hand in hand.

    You may find that spacious and optimistic thinking is a notable trait of this relationship, a kind of infectious cheer that can carry others along with you. That’s a pretty good characteristic, but you should be careful that your optimism is justified, particularly if you intend to bank on it later. That’s even more important if you’re going to be influencing others in the same direction. Whatever the situation, you will likely be able to put an upward-looking spin on your view of things, perhaps more so than you might do individually, so the relationship can make you feel up when you are down and let you share the brighter side of things, even when you think there isn’t one. The only things you are likely to neglect in your communications skills are the nitty-gritty details; the little touches that make the deal airtight or give a conversation a specific personal touch. You may have to make a special effort to do that individually, should the details get lost in the shuffle when you are together with your sights set on broader, more general goals. Similarly, it can be easy to confuse others’ goals and intentions with your own and thus make incorrect assumptions about what they are really trying to say. Make the effort to stand back and look at what you are saying as someone else would; this can be easily solved without losing the intellectual energy and drive of the relationship.

    This is a very steamy position for Venus and will make you get very emotionally wrapped up in getting what you want and thus will heighten the level of everything from spiritual longing to physical lust. Realizing your desires, will provide tremendous interior release. Part of the reason for some delays or disappointments may be in a certain inability to communicate to others or each other exactly what it is you desire, thus making it difficult to bring to fulfillment. Together you have a high level of sensitivity that makes up-front dealing with desires painful, but if you don’t express yourselves, no one is going to know how to give you what you want, so bite the bullet and say it out loud; you just might get it! Probably the best approach is to let it out completely or hide it so thoroughly that no one knows it’s there and you get it by subterfuge. The middle ground, obvious but unexpressed desire, makes people uncomfortable and will seldom get you your way. This is because of its steam-pressure feeling, which lends a very dramatic sort of attraction to the relationship, somewhat similar to that found in soap operas: a seductive edge where there is little said, but much urgency and a great deal implied.

    Your joint ability to hit the nail on the head is characteristic of this relationship, and you will find that no job is too refined for you to accomplish together. You know what needs to be done, and you do it. You can be, for this very reason, too demanding on yourselves, and perfectionism sometimes turns into a revolving door where nothing is ever quite perfect. This applies to the way you treat each other as well as the tasks you address, so don’t get too swept up in it. This talent for specifics can be a special blessing where one or both of you is better at seeing the forest than the trees. This way when you get together each tree gets attended to and the whole operation is a success. These Virgo tendencies may not be so helpful in emotional and sexual affairs, where broader feelings and the forgiveness of small errors is critical to mutual love and trust, so don’t insist your partner, or yourself, be too perfect where you are dealing with such affairs. Be as tolerant of error between yourselves as you are intolerant of mistakes in the outside world and you will have the balance just right.

    Growth styles differ; some things grow like the trunk of a tree: slow and solid. This style of growth could probably best be compared to leaves and branches: multiple, supple, relatively swiftly-changing, interdependent but able to stand alone when necessary. Thus you will find that major developments in your relationship are likely to take a variety of different manifestations, showing a general direction but not holding to a single pattern and building a more flexible structure that is open to change and adaptation when the wind alters direction. This may make you wonder if you are really committed to the new directions you adopt, but it is not a matter of lack of strength but the understanding of placement. You don’t put all your new eggs in one basket, but you keep them near enough to each other to reassign when you need to. This might not have been the way either of you were accustomed to doing things, but you’ll likely find it the most useful style to adopt when together. You will also have need to wait for the finished product before you can really judge whether your plans have entirely worked out, just as you can’t judge a tree’s growth until its leaves and blossoms have fully developed. This applies inside and out, so that you develop together gently, lightly exploring the possibilities of where you’d like to go until, voila, there you are, in full bloom!

    This relationship will not criticize or clean house too aggressively, but rather prefer to do it in stages and with a requisite amount of diplomacy. A gradual, gentle approach can often get you much more than more direct, hostile moves, even when the latter might seem more in order. It’s somewhat like the difference between a weight watchers program and a starvation diet. You get there both ways, but the former, although slower, is more tolerable, safer, and in the long run, more effective and lasting. The only problem might come when quick economic measures are in order and it becomes difficult to choose what to keep and what not to keep, since you are accustomed to doing that in an orderly and evolutionary way rather than by arbitrary mandate. It also means that this relationship will tend to build for the future. It will also make the relationship itself an especially pleasurable resource where you can both enjoy the fruits of your joint labors and then use it as a launching pad for the future. Because of your joy in building it, what you lack will be seen less a deprivation than as an opportunity to make improvements in the future.

    The road to self-discovery is often a bumpy one, and Uranus is its key. In this relationship you will find that it is not as elusive as it often can be, and once you embrace a new concept, it will become a source from which you can draw. That will only be of benefit if you don’t look the gift horse in the mouth, but get in there and understand and use it, as difficult as it might be to handle at first. Otherwise it will become a thorn in your side and you’ll wish you were back in your previously unenlightened state and it would leave you alone. Change is often abrasive until you are conditioned to it, and often comes not in the guise of clear enlightenment but in the form of a nagging aberration in the relationship where the usual way of conducting yourselves does not work. It may come as the result of having to face a hidden peculiarity of taste or desire in one or the other of you which will not be buried easily. Turn toward it, not away from it, and go into the heart of the fire, even if it seems threatening or distasteful, as it is likely to be the diamond in the rough that allows you to leap to the next plateau of inner and outer understanding of how you both can work together. Ignored, it can become a debilitating thorn in your side and undermine your partnership. Take the opportunity in whatever guise it appears, particularly if it keeps showing up on the edges of the relationship.

    Your hopes and aspirations concerning each other and your mutual status in life may often be quite specific, which can make you quite goal-oriented and tenacious about what you want to achieve. It can also set you up for needless disappointment: things seldom turn out exactly as you expect, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t turn out well. Thus, when it comes to judging whether things are living up to expectations, you will do well to give yourself (and each other) a little leeway and ask not whether you got what you wanted but whether you can be happy with what you’ve got. This does not mean a lowering of values or expectation, just developing the ability to shift the details a bit and to see that when it’s all totaled up you really got as much as you had wished for, just not the same things you had set your heart on. Imagine a child opening a host of presents beneath the Christmas tree and then bursting into tears because the one most-desired toy on his or her wish list wasn’t included. That can make for a miserable holiday for everyone until the child stops seeing only the hole and looks at the rest of the doughnut. So it goes with you, and when you count your blessings, even while reserving the right to go after more, you’ll find your dreams more likely to come true and your illusions left where they should be — behind you.

    There is a fundamental message that you share: you must make the world a better place to live in and get your message of how to do it across in a way that it will be heard. At its purest, this is a highly idealistic and laudable goal, but the methods of formulating and implementing it can be helpful and creative or negative and destructive, depending on how you handle it. Because the “must do” feeling is pervasive, it can be easy at times to believe it is your duty to enforce your opinion on others even when they don’t want it, because you believe it is ultimately for their benefit. That, however, is not your decision or prerogative, and to do so is a fundamental violation not only of others but of your own contract with the Ultimate. The life and death issues you have to face (which are really just life and death, themselves) are individual to you and only you can meet them. If you can do that, it will be an achievement, so keep your own house in order and let others keep theirs. Where you can share these feelings, you will have great power and faith in each other and your personal destiny together. When you cannot, try to understand your differences, but above all, leave them be. Real change, such as it can happen to most of us (and that is less than we suppose), comes only from within and cannot be forced. The bottom-line issues and beliefs in life grow out of our own individual experiences, which by definition we can share only to a limited extent. Be content with that. There’s more than a lifetime there for each of us to work on and where another welcomes it, share.

    Others view this as a very take-charge relationship, and as a result you may find that the two of you together may be able to make much more social headway and impact than either of you could have done individually. However, the possibility is created that you may become involved with responsibilities that you neither solicited or wanted. Being in there first with the most can be a double-edged sword and it might be wise to take a second look before you accept a leadership role with which you might not want to be burdened. Nevertheless, you can count on having a very immediately noticeable profile and will usually be able to dominate the social situations you find yourselves in. Make sure, however, that each of you can individually maintain the kind of position you establish as a duo, should one or the other have to operate independently, representing both of you. Similarly, be careful that the enthusiasm and energy you generate together doesn’t get you into commitments that may be more than either of you can sustain in the long run. Look before you leap, despite the innate inclination to take on the world without a second thought.

    This will be a relationship which takes itself very seriously and will likely be taken seriously by others for that reason. No larking about here, first things first, think of the consequences and responsibilities that are yours. Depending on the situation, this can cause you to become the heavies that others rely on for their bottom line or you can just drag the party down, depending on where you situate yourselves. Certainly you will consider your actions toward each other to have an undeniable gravity which will be the case if for no other reason than that you think it to be so. It can also cause you to limit the ways in which you interact or think you ought to. It can hold you back when you might have just stretched out and had a good time. Nevertheless, because of the kind of weight the relationship brings to both of you it can also be a reference point when you are lost or uncertain. Whatever is there, you know it’s there and can surely depend on it. It’s a great position for business, particularly in conservative circles, as you will appear to have the greatest reserve and reliability and look like something people ought to bank on. Experts. Well, don’t take yourselves as seriously all the time as others do or life could get pretty dull, but do feel that you have something solid to rely on.

    There is a very demanding quality to this relationship, one which insists on getting things exactly right and not taking second best. In the professional world this can be a tremendous asset, particularly in fields where precision and accuracy are the determining factors, like the physical sciences, most areas of technology, and anything mathematical. The doggedness of Saturn plus the insistence upon truth that Uranus brings makes you unflagging researchers who will follow a problem to its ultimate conclusion. On the personal side, however, this doesn’t work quite as easily, as intolerance can be one of a myriad of possible problems you run into, although there are no final, hard and fast solutions on the emotional front, you may be inclined to expect just that of each other and where you do, you will knock heads for sure. When you believe your opinions have simply and admirably crystallized, in reality they may just have calcified and what you promote as God’s truth may be no more than opinion. If you recognize it as that, you will have gone a long way toward handling this sometimes fractious aspect. There is a tendency for problems and disagreements to become lodged and intractable mainly from not getting in there and dealing with them up front. The more you are willing to face reality and understand that your mutual versions of it, though different, may not be incompatible, the more fruitful this relationship will be.

    There is a fine quality of spirituality and idealism in this relationship, but it is not of the outgoing, missionary sort at all. In fact, from the outside it may go entirely unnoticed because it has such a low profile. It is spirituality born out of facing reality and accepting that to a great measure that is how it ought to be. In other words, you learn to mold your hopes around what can and must be. In a way this may seem like self-denial or just giving in, but it’s much more than that. When Alexander Pope wrote, “Whatever is, is right, ” he wasn’t promoting the status quo, but encouraging the thought that you must look closer at how things are put together. Things are the way they are for a reason. This trine has the effect of keeping expectations low and it spares you a lot of the wrong turns and disappointments that chasing after illusory dreams can bring. In the end it is not a negative aspect, but a sobering one, and you find that when you dream of the attainable, your dreams have a decidedly better chance of coming true.

    You are likely to find much opportunity for growth and development in the most elemental, physical aspects of life. You are blessed by an inspired sense of where to make, develop, and spend money, and your abilities to achieve here will only be limited by the initial resources you start with. You will think big, not small so the more you have to work with the better things will go for you, as you do not like to piddle around. Given time, you will go from the greater to the smaller. Although there is the possibility for excessive materialism here, there is also the potential for greater spiritual understanding of the proper handling of material things — after all, you can’t learn to use it right until you’ve got it. Generosity will likely come naturally, but you do need to keep it focused and give in ways that will cause others to utilize it and not just waste it away. Primarily, the one thing to be careful of, as always with eager and ebullient Jupiter, is to keep things under control and not let your financial situations snowball beyond your ability to keep on top of them. Although this will be a fun personal relationship, one where the physical passions can run very high, it is ideal for doing business together, particularly in a bull market, where the sky will be the limit as one good investment leads to another.

    There is a quiet certainty to the way you innovate and grow within this relationship that won’t quit and won’t take no for an answer. The reasons for this lie in a mixture of faith in what you are doing and the willingness to use necessary force to accomplish your tasks. When you see an opportunity, it takes on the quality of a mission, wherein you may feel there is more than just your personal interests at stake and that somehow greater environmental forces are helping sweep you along to realize it. Often that is literally the case, as you will have a feeling for what the wave of the future is, but even if you aren’t strictly in tune your clear determination can win the day over forces aligned against you without quite such a clear self-mandate. When they hesitate and you don’t, you win. Of course this is a big help in the professional end of things, as you can be a quiet steamroller against others who would rather give ground to than put up a fight. Be sure you’re right, then go ahead, as once you have taken action you may well find that it cannot easily be undone. Personally, this will give you a feeling of inner validation from being together, that you are indeed more than the sum of your parts and that when you stand united you can accomplish much more than when you stand alone.

    There is an expansive quality about your relationship, one that makes you feel that while the sky may not be the limit, you’ve got a wide road open ahead of you and can follow it a step at a time as far as it goes. Your feelings will always swing back to the positive when you are together, and you will likely attract a broad circle of friends and acquaintances which will swell your experience and encourage you to continue to expand your activities. Good feelings attract good feelings and one opportunity leads to another, and you have the ability and inclination to encourage both in a way that mushrooms your growth together, in a steady rather than an explosive fashion. At a personal level you will tend to open up and blossom under each other’s influence, and because you radiate this when you are together, you will have the same effect on those who keep your company in every-widening circles of friendship. At the purely professional level, this is an excellent aspect for any sort of sales pursuits, as you will be able to put the best light on anything you are promoting in person without having to be high-pressure about it. Your natural but not overstated enthusiasm will do the job for you, while you collect the commission. If there is a problem here, it may be one of cutting back on your public life when you want to without offending those who would like to tag along and bask in your sunshine.

    It is likely that your approach to your sources of income will be unconventional or that your resources in general will be sporadic or irregular in their output. This may come from circumstances beyond your control, but more likely will be the result of approaching income production in new ways. Whatever the case, if either or both of you depend on income you produce together it will be a good idea to buffer it with a layer of savings or other independent income-producing investments to tide you over the sudden ups and downs. Where you fail to do so and this is your economic life blood, money can become a real source of argument and unrest between you. It is one thing to see things in a different light, another to suffer as a result. This may not be as easy to solve as suggested, as the problem may be a fundamental way of viewing how it all ought to be accomplished and such surface remedies could be against your principle. Nevertheless, you can see and develop possibilities for sustenance that would bypass others and thus have access to resources others do not. In addition, you will see the good and original in physical possessions that ordinarily go unused, so other people’s junk can be your gold mine.

    Uranus trined Neptune in the sky in the early 1940’s, and won’t again until the middle of the 21st century, which means you were born during World War II or on equidistant sides of it timewise. The symbolism here is Uranus (discovery) working well with Neptune (spirituality), and it covers the spirit of a whole generation. This was the generation that was the leading edge of the baby boomers culturally, only a couple of years older, and who largely created the 1960’s cultural revolution in inner thought; The Beatles, the Stones, and the entire psychedelic and pre-New Age crowd. It was a standard-setting bunch who, for instance, were able to use drugs (more Neptune) for very successful self-discovery (Uranus). The following set of people born after the war with the difficult square of these two planets, couldn’t handle drugs and the ensuing drug “problem” was born to plague the rest of the century. It wasn’t the drugs, of course, it was the people who created the problem. So it is with you. Together you have the natural ability to make experiments in spiritual discovery work for you, because you will be careful enough to make sure you know what you are doing, even though neither of you may be of the aforementioned generation. That is a gift to cherish and never neglect — and just as important, it is a responsibility of sharing. What you discover, you must pass on, because others may be quite incapable of doing it for themselves.

    This relationship finds special expression in and affection for the home environment and for matters that intimately relate to the inner and private parts of what you have together. Thus you will find much happiness and solace in just being together without having to express what you have in a way others need to appreciate it. That does not mean you will not share your joys and talents, but rather that you will not see the need to impress with them. Rather, you will invite friends and associates to share the warmth and richness of the environment you have created together, letting your beauty shine from within rather than advertising it from without. Along with this goes a deep love and attention to inner feelings, the emotions that express them, and the work and care that goes into their protection and maintainance. Because the outside can only reflect what is within, when you nurture and channel the wellsprings of your hearts, your surroundings blossom by their own accord. The beauty on the surface here will never be only skin deep, but the result of careful tending of the matters you really care about. Just take care that you do not hide your light under a bushel but open and share the world you build and welcome others to join in and enjoy it with you — except for those special private times when you rekindle the fires you can only tend alone.

    It is likely there is little doubt that you like being together and that this relationship is something you really care a lot about. Although this is considered a hard aspect which afflicts with an inability to control the nature of the planets involved, here you have too much of a good thing: affection and desire. It’s hard to complain about that. If this is love, it is love indeed, and if only business, then you think there is a lot to be gained here and enjoy the process highly. Is there a problem here? It’s hard to criticize but there may be some things to watch out for. One is that getting tangled up with each other is likely to take up more attention than you estimate, despite its joys, so be prepared to jettison other priorities that would be making demands upon valuable resources. Another is that familiarity breeds contempt, and an overload of each other has the potential of cloying what would be a continually renewing pleasure when taken in small doses. Sometimes a little deliberate abstinence may refresh the relationship more than you might think, if you can manage a way to accomplish it. If not, not much harm is likely to ensue, though there may be some around you who will view you as somewhat self-obsessed. Perhaps you have reason to be. You will believe that to be the case, but leave some space for the rest of the world.

    In a professional relationship, this position gives you power over others (and each other) through your ability to inspire, entertain, and emotionally enlighten. It can mean great artistic control and great control resulting from your art, in whatever area of creativity that might be. Only take care that you do not restrict your creations to those areas which serve a particular end and are not spontaneous expressions of your own Muse. Where you control, you kill. In a love relationship, this position can be a sexual disaster unless you are willing to give each other plenty of space and do not demand that one or the other of you do as they’re told. Power and its infliction may be a turn-on for some, and if this is the case for you individually you will be in clover, but to do so against someone’s will, as can easily happen here, is the ultimate turn-off, and when sex goes, so goes the relationship, at least in most instances. Therefore be sure to get straight with each other on these subjects in advance, because once you are in the grip of an unexpected conflict, it will be entirely too late. In a non-sexual relationship, you’ve got a lot less to worry about, so take a good look at yourselves before you make that kind of commitment.

    Your physical appearance and presence together may be a lot more commanding than you might at first assume. Pluto’s forceful support makes you seem as if you really mean business and represent something there is no point in resisting. The relationship may have much the same effect on you as well, seeming to be something that was perhaps predestined or at least inescapable, something for you both to get wrapped up and lost in. Certainly it can have a transforming effect upon your lives, if only because it will definitely prove that there is something more to a relationship than just the two parts that make it up. The more you get into each other, the more this partnership will quietly take possession of the both of you and allow you to penetrate the deeper parts of your personalities, either physical, spiritual or a combination of both. It will also allow you to take charge of the immediate situation around you based on the powerful energies that are clearly lurking beneath the surface in what you have together. At times, this may be equal parts truth and illusion, based as much on your confidence level as what you can actually deliver in a pinch. If it works, why question it? Inside, you suspect that every bit is true and it’s up to you to find out, one way or another.

    This is a very difficult position for the sun and it will take a lot of mutual understanding to make the relationship work, especially if it is a marriage. The essential problem here is one of inequality, a difficulty in achieving a fair balance between the two of you and between yourselves and the rest of the world. One will dominate and the other will serve, and not necessarily very willingly or with a clear understanding of exactly what’s going on. From a business point of view, this position can work if you are both in a service profession and thoroughly dedicated to it, because here you knowingly intend to put others first and take pride in success at it. In the case of each other, it will be important to explore the ways in which inequality occurs within the relationship and make sure that it is mutually agreed upon. If either of you is a martyr or just goes along to get along, you’re headed for trouble. Expectation will be your enemy, but if you seek nothing you are more likely to gain something. In this case, the meek do inherit the earth, but only if you both play the role. The lesson of meaningful selflessness (as opposed to self-sacrifice) is one of the most difficult to learn, and here it will be required in order for this relationship to succeed, especially at a personal level.

SUN conjunct MERCURY
    In a special way, your heads and hearts are in the same place in this relationship, and you will naturally know what the other is talking about whether you verbalize or not. But when you do put it into words, it will be well-expressed as well as sincerely delivered. This is a talent that can be taken for granted. However, there can also be a tendency to assume you have said the right thing. You let your intentions take control over your expressions without seeing them through. On a moment-to-moment basis, this is not a problem, for as long as you’re getting the message across to each other, it doesn’t matter how it’s done or how accurate or complete you are in what you verbalize. When others become involved, however, you can find they misinterpret what you say because you didn’t go the distance in making it clear by addressing the other person’s viewpoint. It’s entirely a question of neglect, arising from applying assumptions you safely make between yourselves to others who don’t share your background and information. Therefore, you may have to go out of your way to remember to say it all when you are addressing the outside world, especially when you have to put it in writing. Your communications skills have to be different for each person you are dealing with, something that is entirely within your reach.

    Sometimes it may feel as if your relationship has sprung a leak — an energy leak. It may feel that just as you are about to make a move, something undermines it and you pull your punch just enough to make it ineffectual. It may happen because of too much self-criticism or too much criticism of each other. This cuts away at self-confidence and builds unwarranted expectation of failure. It’s the sort of thing that can become a vicious circle: fear of defeat leading to defeat, which then justifies further anxieties in the future. Although one does not improve without seeking out and removing faults, focusing on faults alone is like taking one leg out from under a horse — even though its still got three perfectly good ones left, it’s bound to fall. Although you should not ignore weaknesses, you will need to focus more on your strengths and accept that there will always be something to complain about if you insist, but why bother? Accentuate the positive and you’re more likely to get positive results. The difficulty will be in not giving in to a backward glance at what you’re afraid might be a fatal flaw. Like most squares, this is one where you learn from your mistakes over a period of time and eventually hone it down to a science. What began as crippled movement evolves into economy of motion.

    Instability is likely to be a chronic difficulty in this relationship, not because it doesn’t have substance but because it is subject to sudden buffets like a truck crossing a windy bridge. In fact, the bigger and heavier the truck, the more windage it has and the more the risk. The same principle applies here. The more energy you put into the relationship, the more destructive potential it has when it gets blown off course. Although the shocks may come from within because of suddenly uncovered differences between you, it is just as likely to come from without, where unexpected circumstances turn up to throw things into disarray. What to do about it? Leave room for maneuvering when things go haywire and be ready and happy to follow where they lead. When you can’t be in control, don’t try to be, or you’ll wind up going down in flames. Eventually, you will develop a sense of when change is in the wind and you will be able to control it as it comes on. Once it’s already there it’s too late to fight it, so roll with it. If you sometimes feel like you just can’t deal with this sort of situation, look to some of the other qualities of your relationship that caused you to get into it in the first place and draw on them until the crisis has passed.

    This position of Mercury lends a certain intensity to your communications and may cause you to get caught up in details that may have you at odds with one another. This particularly applies to issues where one of you must play second fiddle to the other. These situations will inevitably occur and they will have to be dealt with patience, forgiveness, and self-sacrifice, especially when the cards do not seem fair. As a business relationship, this is not necessarily troublesome as long as you let business be business. Where it interferes with your own perceived equality in a personal relationship, it will be more difficult to adjust and will require an inner understanding of equality even when that is not what seems to be happening on the surface. It will be easy to focus on your problems and to let them weigh you down, so try to let your willingness to work on them be a mutual reward in itself rather than insisting on delineated or permanent results. When you are proud to bear the duties and responsibilities your relationship brings to you, it will flourish from within; view them as burdens or let them go untended, and they can bear you under despite the best of intentions.

    Mental fireworks can be regularly expected in this relationship, and a great deal of energy may be put into expressing yourself forcefully and to the point. It will at times be difficult to keep out of arguments because it will seem so important to get your point across that you step on each other’s toes. Nevertheless, you’re not likely to suffer from a lack of communication — quite the opposite, if anything you and those around you may want to shut off the spigot to get a little peace. It will be difficult to turn yourselves off once you get going, and you may quite rightly be reminded when you feel you’re on a roll that you’ve made your point so enough already. You can find that although you are at your best when stating your position vigorously, sometimes it is best to be more subtle or even to let your partner or adversary think they came up with the idea themselves. In many instances a carrot will get you more than a stick, and that may be difficult to learn when you’re so good with the stick. Still, the intellectual energy that this relationship stimulates will carry you far and help you push your way through to levels of understanding you might never have achieved on your own. Just remember to bank your fires when things start to get too hot to handle.

    Communication problems can arise between you without your being aware that this is occurring. This is because you do not fully put across your message before signing off, perhaps for a variety of reasons. First, you may not have full confidence in what you are saying and therefore censor yourself before you fear someone else will. Second, you may assume knowledge on the part of each other or those around you which is not in their possession and therefore disables them to get your meaning. Third, you may have a negative image of those you are communicating with, which will show and therefore turn them off to what you are saying. Or, you may just get locked into a single way of expressing yourselves which no longer does the job. In all cases, the fundamental remedy is to say more and put things in a positive light. When you communicate make certain you are being fully understood. Do not take it for granted that you have been heard unless you get specific feedback. Look for the silver lining in whatever you do and focus on ways to describe it. Assume the dark side has already been sufficiently noted. Eventually, as you make these readjustments, you will find yourselves masters of precise expression, the midpoint which you seek, but it will take time.

    Unusual ideas and opinions abound in your relationship, and the trouble will not be a lack of original views but sorting out which ones are useful and which are just gratuitously different. You can tend to get into a spiral that drives you from the new, to the strange, to well off the deep end. What you will need to do is choose a stopping place on the near side of practicality for your ideas and then cleave to it. The problem is, however, when inspiration strikes, who can deny it? It will be difficult to say no to what really looks like a good idea, but you will have to draw the line somewhere. Another manifestation of this aspect is simple argumentativeness — not in its purest form of argument for argument’s sake, but honest dispute over what is the truth when in fact there is no reason to get into it so deeply. The fruitful approach to this is to know when to cut off discussion, to sense when you’ve got it honed down fine enough to be a reasonable facsimile of the truth. At first you may have to do that in a fairly arbitrary fashion, and you must be willing to accept your mistakes. In the long run, you will develop a precision that may astonish you, born primarily of your constant adjustments to reality judged between foresight and hindsight.

    This will be a hard-working relationship, and it must be in order to succeed. Taking care of mutual business and putting aside individual priorities in order to do so will be essential to keep your focus on the positive side. If each of you tries to place the other first, trouble will ensue. Therefore, the relationship may sometimes seem to be all responsibility and burden, and it will take precedence over your personal lives in ways that may be invasive or overbearing. Still, if you accept that the two of you are more important that either one and act accordingly, you’ll find success. If you need to reserve top billing for yourselves personally, there will be considerable difficulty in making this relationship a success. It will be easier to achieve this in a professional relationship than an intimate one, as you can separate from each other more easily and there is less personal sacrifice on a moment-to-moment basis. Nevertheless, where mutual devotion takes a front seat to personal success or immediate welfare, this can be a fine and even exemplary relationship, exhibiting the best qualities of selflessness and hard work. If that’s not your cup of tea, however, don’t get tangled up in a union that won’t be undone once you’re committed to it.

    You are likely to spend more energy on your efforts than you need to and also get yourselves into more commitments than you may be prepared to deal with. There is such an abundance of energy that you think you will never run out, so you will always be champing at the bit. It is not that you won’t have the energy to do practically anything — in fact, you can easily overdo it and beat a situation into the ground that only needed a little push to get going. The problem will be that with so much to spare you can get yourselves into more than you can manage, and things start to get out of control because you’ve got the power but not the sufficient knowledge to keep all your balls up in the air. Does this mean you should dampen your natural enthusiasm? No, only restrict the number of ways you choose to express it at one time. The problem here is that you compulsively expand without having nailed down the last move, so that eventually everything flies off the handle and you lose it all. The remedy is difficult, though simple. Just say no to new involvements when old ones aren’t yet complete. It’s difficult because you see opportunity knocking and immediately want to let it in, but in your case it will knock more for you than for others, and your lesson will be in selecting who and what you let in the door.

    There is a quality of intermittence to your energy flow which can make this a stop-and-start kind of relationship. Just when you think you’ve got nothing left in you, a surge comes along and catapults you over the edge. And the opposite — when you’re going strong, suddenly the bottom drops out and you’re out of gas. This kind of choppy rhythm to your lives can be annoying and debilitating, and it will be a good idea to leave extra time and space when you really need to get something done to accommodate the breakdowns and power surges you are heir to. Part of the problem may be that you don’t work well within established boundaries, but once outside of them you’re not certain what to do so you flail about. The long-term answer is to set up your own rules, however different from the norm they may be, and then stick to them. It is a matter of fine-tuning your lives to a high precision over time. In the individual horoscope, this aspect is often found in watchmakers, with whom high precision and steady hands are a must; but they are not developed overnight, but from a lot of broken watches early on. So it will be with you, and you will have to learn from your mistakes, and have the patience with each other to do so. Modify your inherently intermittent style into a steady, predictable flow.

    There can be a fine line between devoted service to each other and involuntary servitude, and it can easily become fogged and uncertain. There is something special about your ability to help each other out, and as long as it’s your own idea it will be a pleasure to put the joint good ahead of the individual. But if either of you feel this becomes an unwanted obligation, it will be very important to speak up and do something about it before what should be freely given becomes a resented burden. The trick will be spotting it and admitting it, as it will sometimes be difficult to tell what is obligation and what is free will. That is the nature of Neptune and when it is difficult to be sure of yourselves, it will be difficult to speak up lest you be proved wrong and sound like complainers.

    It will be your hope to put something very special together here, and you will find it natural to take on each other’s projects as if they were your own. It is as if you have an opportunity to elevate yourselves spiritually, perhaps renew an old tie or write the last chapter to an unfinished saga together. Although it feels good, the challenge will be in implementing these feelings and making decisions as to just what to commit yourselves to — what is real and what is fantasy. The worst way to approach it is to think of each other as what you want to undertake rather than finding something you both jointly feel is a mutual goal. It can be too easy to mistake what you fantasize in each other as the real thing, and it is always better to take Neptunian influences on a higher, spiritual level where non-physical ideals are being pursued. When you do that, you may not get everything you want in the end, but you won’t run as much risk of the total self-deception that is so likely when you try to manifest Neptune in the lower, more tangible realms of life. This union has great possibilities, but only when you take up responsibilities together that point you toward the highest goals you both can create.

    Because the sixth house is concerned with duties and responsibilities and the Moon’s north node is also associated with the commitments and obligations your relationship takes on, it may be said that much of the purpose of your getting together is to learn lessons about just these matters. At times you may feel your relationship is something of a burden because it does not leave you as untrammeled as you might be with other situations, but you get what you pay for in life, and a free ride often doesn’t really take you anywhere. As with most commitments, the payoff comes later rather than sooner, and it may be in a different form than you might expect. Here it will be a greater breadth of human understanding which comes from the experience of serving a higher goal than just individual profit or benefit and it will be more valuable to you than anything you can acquire with cash or a credit card. Because the south node is also in the twelfth house of hidden and subconscious matters, a lot of the payoff will be involved in the surfacing of emotions and problems that have been previously immune to conscious knowledge or solutions, though their initial appearance on the scene may not seem as beneficial as they will have been once they have passed. No pain, no gain, and if you persevere and live up to what you have agreed to, you will be glad indeed that you met.

    You will find that the test of this relationship is to be itself, that your emotional reference point is each other and how well it fares will be determined by how equal your emotional input is. In theory, this makes for the ideal one-to-one relationship, all for one and one for all, but ideals take work and attention to realize. Here, a great deal of effort will be needed to reassure each other that you are your own best reference point and that what you feel together is genuine and not an illusion. It means paying a lot of attention intellectually to match the emotional attention you naturally give to each other. This kind of emotional interdependence can be extremely satisfying, as you always know the other will be involved in what you do, whether you choose it or not. It can also cause one or both of you to become too dependent upon the relationship to achieve individual growth and fulfillment. In such a situation it can become an involuntary addiction which turns this ideal situation of equality into something you both lean upon without mutually supporting at the same time. Therefore, you will be wise to keep a sharp eye on each other’s emotional needs, as quick attendance to them will offer the greatest reward, while even seemingly benign neglect can start off a chain reaction of blame that can lead to endless, and pointless, dispute. Here achievement and satisfaction will be determined by alertness and adaptability.

    This is a friendly and loving aspect in the highest degree with Moon (emotional response) and Venus (love and desire) engaged in a perfect handshake. For a love affair of any type or length it will be the focus of the relationship, a constant emotional flow of warmth, love, and friendship, because you both can naturally feel what you want and are very inclined to give it to each other. This aspect can be the saving grace of relationships that have a lot of afflictions elsewhere, as you will be willing to forgive and forget a lot, and even suffer considerably, as long as this flow of love and friendship is there. That is, most believe, the main reason we have relationships to begin with. However, this may not necessarily be the case in a professional partnership. Although you will feel real affection for each other, other priorities may have more weight than feelings alone. However, this aspect also has the quality of emotionally knowing where the money is and you may find you have a nose for rooting out where the financial action is. But whether it is love or money, you have a natural talent for making good feelings happen that will not only be a blessing to yourselves, but to those around you, as good feelings have a way of becoming contagious. Make sure you encourage that to happen, as it is mutually reinforcing and will come back to you later.

MOON sextile MARS
    Your relationship is a reservoir of emotional and physical energy, and the more outlets you find to express it the better. If you are forced to sit still too long you won’t go crazy as some might in that situation, but your energies will get driven underground and will surface in areas where you have little control over them. It is better to always have something to do physically to express yourselves, even if only the simplest form of exercise to keep yourselves engaged and rolling with your natural flow of energy. On the other hand, when you are in a situation that would drain the energy of others, you will hardly notice it and consider it business as usual. In the professional realm, like a superball, you have a natural springiness that allows you to bounce back with twice the apparent energy input. You come back swifter and higher, but without any visible extra input to accomplish the deed. When your competitors are flagging, you still have extra reserves on tap. It will be important, however, to spend some time exploring just how you accomplish this and communicating your feelings about what you believe to be the secrets of your success. Unexplored accomplishments aren’t easily repeated, and the more you know about not just what you do but how you do it, the more you will be able to achieve together personally and professionally. When you have an advantage, explore it and then take it one step further.

    There can be more than a hint of paranoia in this relationship and you may have to lean over backwards to avoid the suspicion that you are either out to get each other or the world is out to get the two of you. You may or may not have good reason to feel this way, but reason is not the cause of it. Quite the contrary. You tap deep emotions in each other that you might feel safer hiding and as a result fear is never too far below the surface. Nevertheless, it is still not functioning at a conscious level, and therefore its manifestation is a compulsive attempt to gain control over each other or your surroundings because it makes you feel more secure. What you have power over can’t threaten you as much. The problem, of course, is separating justifiable fears from groundless ones. In this case, you would do well to go against your instincts and proceed on the principle that it is better to be sorry than safe, because most of your worries will be imaginary and to act on them will isolate and alienate you from each other and your surroundings.

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