Saturday, April 14, 2012

What if the World Doesn't End?

Normally, we go through our days without giving any thought whatsoever to the end of the world. This year we might be more concerned than usual about it, but only because 2012 is the latest in a long line of year-end predictions that warn us of Armageddon or Doomsday or disaster or the END of the world (as we know it).

But what if our world doesn't end? What if it just changes and goes on? What if something so miraculous occurs, it  transforms us in ways we never thought possible?

That is the thinking behind the article, What If The World That Ends Becomes Another World? (The longer title was What If The World That Ends Becomes Another World?: Ideas For What To Do When The World Doesn't End.

Curious? Click the link above for a somewhat humorous take on what could happen when the world doesn't end.

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  1. The worlds not going to end because Jesus has returned and he's going to save the the world as soon as he can get the world to open it's eyes to what's going on