Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Made My Family Disappear

OK, I didn't actually make my family disappear and I didn't make anything else disappear, either, but things do disappear in my life – frequently. When I tell people that I just found something sitting on top of my bed or dresser, something that had been missing for days, weeks, months, and sometimes even year, they don't believe me. I wrote an article once about this very issue, entitled, The Curious Case of The Mysterious Pink Towel. You can read it by clicking the link. Oh, wait – that was story about something appearing in my house that I had never had before.

It gets weirder because that link will take you to another link, The Mysterious Case of the Missing Earring, which you can read by clicking that link.

And if that's not enough, read Am I a Poltergeist or a Halloween Freak Show? Truly weird things happen to me all the time, and though I've written those three articles/blogs, people still find me difficult to believe.

Until now.

Now somebody else believes me, because earlier in the week when my daughter dropped her earring in the bathroom as she was putting it in her ear, she looked everywhere for it and could not find it. Her kids and I peered inside the floor vents, under the sink, in the drawers, and even in the toilet, and though we searched the bathroom completely, we found it nowhere. It had seemingly disappeared.

My daughter and her family go through about 6 loads of laundry every day. I know, because I'm often the one who does it. Three days later, which means about 18 loads later, when I opened the dryer, hanging from the lattice work on the dryer vent was the earring.

Maybe I should install cameras in my home and create my own paranormal TV show. These things happen to my other daughters as well. We are one freaky family.

Hey! That could be the title of my show, "The Freaky Family."

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  1. We have things like that happen here a lot. I casually "joke" that I am a haunted person, as my ghosties have followed me through a couple of moves over the last 10 years. It all just makes life interesting!