Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shopping for Your Afterlife Apparel

One of my writer friends, Donald Pennington, wrote an article entitled, Why Aren't Ghosts Naked? My first thought was, NOOOOOOO, don't make me go shopping for an afterlife wardrobe. I HATE shopping.

And then I thought, why DO ghosts appear to people wearing clothing, hats, and boots? I mean, I watch Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, and other ghost hunting programs. People really do see ghosts wearing specific items.

But then I thought, how does Donald Pennington, who claims to NOT believe in ghosts, know that ghosts wear clothes? Maybe he's a ghostnostic (it's my blog and if I want to make up words, who's to stop me). According to the WizaWords dictionary, a ghostnostic is one who isn't really sure ghosts exist and is just waiting for people to prove their existence.

The ghostnostic Donald is opening a discussion on the topic, so please click Why Aren't Ghosts Naked? to add your thoughts.

And if you're not completely sure what the difference is between ghosts and spirits, read Ghosts or Spirits – What's the Difference?

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