Friday, September 10, 2010

Who are the REAL monsters?

If I mention Godzilla or Zombies, Frankenstein or Shapeshifters, do you see in your mind the same types of images as you would with monstrosities such as John Wayne Gacy or Ted Bundy? How about Charles Manson?

When kids have nightmares about monsters, are the monsters imaginary or do the monsters stand for somebody real, somebody in the child's life, somebody they substitute for Mom or Dad, Aunt or Uncle, Brother or Sister?

Monsters in Modern Times explores monsters and links you to every imaginable monster ever created, dead or alive. Click the link to read about monsters you may have already heard existed, and maybe even some you never knew roamed the Earth.

If you've had any weird dreams about monsters, I invite you to visit Your Weird Dreams and send your monster dreams to the email address listed in the blog.

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  1. It's creepy and it freaks me out to this kind of dreams. . .but right now I know how to managed myself when times like this.

    my BIO