Friday, May 28, 2010

Spirit Connections & Ghost Hunting

Kirlian Imaging Device

Relationships form for a variety of reasons. Marriage, parenting, friendship all have their own unique spiritual and physical connections. And while some relationships are closer than others, all relationships share one thing in common – energy.

People talk of sparks flying between two people who are attracted to each other, of a certain comfortable feeling that exists when people are in loving relationships, and in antagonistic relationships, a malevolent form of energy. Because energy never dies, the closer we are in life, the more probable a spirit will try to connect with us in death.

Kirlian photography is a technique using a Kirlian Imaging Device that purports to capture energy on film. Numerous experiments have been conducted using the Kirlian process.

Without the camera, we cannot see energy, but we know it exists. In spirits left behind, sensitive people feel the energy that once propelled the person in life.

Though some of the ghost hunting shows use infrared cameras and motion sensors to detect spirit activity, I can't help but wonder why programs such as Ghost Adventures or Paranormal State don't use Kirlian cameras to find ghosts.

To read more about spiritual bonds that extend beyond this life, read Spirit Connections in Close Relationships.

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