Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Daily Horoscopes – How Accurate Are They?

If you follow your daily horoscope, you probably fall into that small percentage of people who believe that those little words of wisdom actually apply to you.

 If you don't read your daily horoscope, or if you read it only for fun, you probably wonder why anybody would believe in horoscopes and why interest in them has lasted for so many years.

When you consider that only twelve signs appear in an astrology chart, you recognize that each little blurb represents 1/12th of the population. Is your day really going to be exactly like that of 1/12th the population? Doubtful.

But if you recognize that you are more than just a sun sign and that other planetary energies and configurations figure prominently in a profile that explains only you, you might be interested in reading Why Daily Horoscopes Don't Work.

The chart shown above belongs to Stephen King. The symbols represent planets and signs, and they are placed in houses (pie shaped) that represent different areas of your life. Astrology charts (or horoscopes) are far more complicated than are horoscopes that appear in newspapers or online.

Why Daily Horoscopes Don't Work also provides information about how you can get an accurate FREE reading of a chart that applies only to you based on your birth time, birth place, and birth date. Give it a try and discover why daily horoscopes don't work.

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