Sunday, January 17, 2010

Invitation to a Blog Carnival

Welcome to the first edition of the Paranormal Minds Blog Carnival. If you've experienced any paranormal activity and you would like to share your paranormal experiences with me, please post them below and I will add your experiences to future blogs.

Ghostly visitations, UFO activity, ESP experiences, or whatever falls into the category of paranormal are accepted.

Need a jump-start on your memories? Read one or both of the following two articles and let me refresh them for you.

Spirits of Ghosts – True Ghost Stories

A True Chicago Haunting: It's Halloween Every Day in a Haunted House

And if you stumbled across this blog and are wondering what a blog carnival is, click this link for Blog Carnival for more information. It's kind of like joining a circus of blogs without ever leaving home.

See earlier Paranormal Minds blogs for a deeper look into what makes for paranormal minds.

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